Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Amazing Immersion Assembly

WOW! When I first walked into class Mrs Nua looked really cool because she had a wig on and and a shopping bag dress on that she had made herself. She had pompoms and they were green everything she was wearing was green except her shoes.

So off we went to Assembly. In Assembly Mr Burt was dressed up as a dragon and he was lonely, he needed a wife, then he went over to Mrs Burt and said "here is my wife". Mr Palmer was announcing the models of Green and I really liked Mrs Lagitupu. She had the 3r's on her back which stood for REDUCE , REUSE , RECYCLE.

I really enjoyed watching Team 3 because they played a Recycling Game. They had to choose the right box to put the things from the plastic bag into . Mr Nevalagi was funny because he was telling Miss MacKinlay the wrong box to put in. At the end Miss MacKinaly won because Mrs Garden asked her where could she put the last plastic bags and if she got it right then she would get 5 bouns points. Miss MacKinlay said she would take them home and use it for her shopping. And Mrs Garden said " that was a great answer" so Mr Nevalagi lost!!

Today was cool,I loved the 'GO FOR GREEEN GIRL' and that was my teacher Mrs Nua. Her wig really did go with the dress and tights. Everyone in our class thought she looked amazing and this was the first time I had ever seen Mrs Nua in a dress. Ms Squires had a newspaper dress and it was really fancy. Mrs Squires looked really fabulous in the newspaper dress. It must have taken her a long time to create.

I felt happy because it was so cool everyone laughed.

Today was fantastic and a day that won't be forgotten, because it was a great start to the last term of the year.

By Lyn

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go for Green

This term we are exploring recycling, reusing and reducing and how we can make a difference!
There's lots to think and wonder about ....
Listen to what we think about this in Room 17 and we would be interested in YOUR opinions too!