Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me being M.C for the best prodution ever

After weeks of waiting I heard the words I'd wanted to hear me and my friend,Jordan we were the M.C's for the production 1 week till the big night.A week has passed by and the day has come I was the Cowboy and Jordan was the Red Indian the first scene had finish I was scared out of boots but it was time my line had come ''HEY EVERYONE IT'S SHOW TIME'' I roared across the hall then the whole cast and crew came to life and all sang the Zip Zip Zip Zap Avenue song it was fun I love that singing that song.We all agreed about celebrating the Bernard the Bee,1 hour later we all finished the the first night 2 more nights to go the 2nd night had come now 2 hours had gone the another night production and tomorrow was the last night had come and I new I had to step it up big time it was over the time of the production it was good well it lasted.I really liked it but sad when it was over it was an awesome exprincice for me .By Sione

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our wonderful time at Kawau Island!

It was the time of the year we Y6 students once again have loads of fun at Camp Bentzon.

Last week the Y6 student would set off to other places, This time we went to a much more better place in Kawau Island at Camp Bentzon. Along came Erin and Peter they were the managers of the Camp. "Hi guys" they said in a loud and happy voice "HI!" we replied back
they started to explaining and telling us about Camp Bentzon and a little bit about Kawau Island.

After that day every morning we would all wake really early like at 7:30 and get dressed and ready to go for a run through the bushes. When Mr J blow his bugle we had to go and sit on the deck. 

The worst thing every morning for me was when we had to go for a run. We went up some stairs then go through some obstacles then the trickiest part came we went down a steep hill on the first day I was struggling but the the teachers were there helping us then I got through all that.

My best highlight for me at Camp was SAILING......
This was my best highlight because I enjoyed controlling the sail and seeing Hinkley and Rayton sink but they luckily survived.

My scariest highlight at Camp was ABSEILING.....
This was my scariest highlight because when we had to put our heels on the edge of the wall then lean back, I felt like I was going to fall back and hit the ground but luckily I had a rope attached and I went down really fast and I didn't get windburn at all.

Camp Bentzon ROCKS!

Room 17 have been thinking and reflecting...

Wonderful White Sunday

Please enjoy my movie on our topic this term Food Glorious Food.By Sione

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Big Bad Pig and the Three Little Wolves

This movie was created by Silver Group to retell the Fractured Fairy Tale that they read - with their own creative touches of course!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

GI Fans!

The Manaiakalani Film Festival was held today in the Tamaki College Auditorium and Room 17 presented "GI Fans".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wasabi Peas

When I bit into the crunchy Wasabi peas it suddenly refreshed my mouth. The Wasabi peas were both little and spicy.
By Vaha

When I first tasted the Wasabi peas it started to burn in my mouth like a little bomb. The Wasabi peas were both crunchy and had a chilly type taste.

As soon as I put my tongue on the Wasabi peas they really refreshed my mouth. The wasabi peas were both tiny and crunchy.Etta

When I bit into the Wasabi peas it refreshed my mouth and it felt like it went up my nose. The Wasabi peas stung my mouth, like bees in my mouth.