Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't stop me now!

Greetings to all our followers this year! Prize giving was a special evening for us. All of our whanau present were so happy and we were too! Right from the start we were singing, cheering and clapping as loud as we could! Many awards were presented, best effort, citizenship, attendance, academic, service to the school through sports players of the year. It was awesome!

We have a special movie to share with you. This is our final performance for the year the year 6 team. It is our school prize giving item. One our year 6 teachers Ms Tito taught us this very fun item. We loved being part of it - you will be able to see this in the video.

Manuia lava le Kerisimasi ma le tausaga fou. See you in 2010!
Mrs Nua and the students of Room 17

Monday, December 14, 2009

Island Weddings

Great but blushing purple

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue

The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue, I thought  was the best production ever done by Pt.England school.Here is some of my reflections on The Toy Shop.By Sione.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me being M.C for the best prodution ever

After weeks of waiting I heard the words I'd wanted to hear me and my friend,Jordan we were the M.C's for the production 1 week till the big night.A week has passed by and the day has come I was the Cowboy and Jordan was the Red Indian the first scene had finish I was scared out of boots but it was time my line had come ''HEY EVERYONE IT'S SHOW TIME'' I roared across the hall then the whole cast and crew came to life and all sang the Zip Zip Zip Zap Avenue song it was fun I love that singing that song.We all agreed about celebrating the Bernard the Bee,1 hour later we all finished the the first night 2 more nights to go the 2nd night had come now 2 hours had gone the another night production and tomorrow was the last night had come and I new I had to step it up big time it was over the time of the production it was good well it lasted.I really liked it but sad when it was over it was an awesome exprincice for me .By Sione

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our wonderful time at Kawau Island!

It was the time of the year we Y6 students once again have loads of fun at Camp Bentzon.

Last week the Y6 student would set off to other places, This time we went to a much more better place in Kawau Island at Camp Bentzon. Along came Erin and Peter they were the managers of the Camp. "Hi guys" they said in a loud and happy voice "HI!" we replied back
they started to explaining and telling us about Camp Bentzon and a little bit about Kawau Island.

After that day every morning we would all wake really early like at 7:30 and get dressed and ready to go for a run through the bushes. When Mr J blow his bugle we had to go and sit on the deck. 

The worst thing every morning for me was when we had to go for a run. We went up some stairs then go through some obstacles then the trickiest part came we went down a steep hill on the first day I was struggling but the the teachers were there helping us then I got through all that.

My best highlight for me at Camp was SAILING......
This was my best highlight because I enjoyed controlling the sail and seeing Hinkley and Rayton sink but they luckily survived.

My scariest highlight at Camp was ABSEILING.....
This was my scariest highlight because when we had to put our heels on the edge of the wall then lean back, I felt like I was going to fall back and hit the ground but luckily I had a rope attached and I went down really fast and I didn't get windburn at all.

Camp Bentzon ROCKS!

Room 17 have been thinking and reflecting...

Wonderful White Sunday

Please enjoy my movie on our topic this term Food Glorious Food.By Sione

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Big Bad Pig and the Three Little Wolves

This movie was created by Silver Group to retell the Fractured Fairy Tale that they read - with their own creative touches of course!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

GI Fans!

The Manaiakalani Film Festival was held today in the Tamaki College Auditorium and Room 17 presented "GI Fans".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wasabi Peas

When I bit into the crunchy Wasabi peas it suddenly refreshed my mouth. The Wasabi peas were both little and spicy.
By Vaha

When I first tasted the Wasabi peas it started to burn in my mouth like a little bomb. The Wasabi peas were both crunchy and had a chilly type taste.

As soon as I put my tongue on the Wasabi peas they really refreshed my mouth. The wasabi peas were both tiny and crunchy.Etta

When I bit into the Wasabi peas it refreshed my mouth and it felt like it went up my nose. The Wasabi peas stung my mouth, like bees in my mouth.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Magnificent Production!!

Nervously walking to the Music Room, I had butterflies in my tummy because the day was the day we show our performance to a live audience from Glen Brae School.

As I got dressed into my costume which was my troll one I felt so scared because I hadn't performed in front of the other schools during my school times. There I was walking to the school foyer thinking how many people were in there.

"The shows about to start" said Ms Tito Lewis in room 14 went around saying to people especially me because I was standing to him. The
2 MC's were Sione and Jordan after they said "they everybody its show time!" the music started to play we all walked in straight away I saw a person from church she smiled me then I smiled back.

As we started to sing I felt a little shy, but I got use to it and dance as hard as I could.  The song was nearly over I couldn't wait to put my hands in the air and wriggle them around.

First up was the Rats which were called 'PIED PIPERS' they were first up we could hear wonderful music playing from the hall it sounded like soft melody that parent of sang to us when we were cute little babies.

Following on from that was the transformers.  There music was so loud we could easily hear it from the Music Room.  During there dancing The Ugly looking trolls I was part of went up there costumes looked awesome  especially Jacobs and Bobbi-Graces they are both very talented dances.

It was time for the ugly 'TROLLS' They danced to thriller By Michael Jackson it was so cool how there reaction looked like actual trolls gliding across the stage with there legs looking like it was beginning to come off the crowed was going wild  when we stomped like a whole bunch of Elephant running away from danger.

It was time for something completely different, it was the beautiful SNOWFLAKES.  There performance was wonderful I was in line 2, NO.6. We danced to The sugar plum fairies.

There was lots more to that!.  The show was nearly over I felt so excited for the ending because I really like how we wriggle our arms in the air.  Then Mr Music J would say who was dancing or were in each performance and we would all bow. 

It was time to go home, that night was successfully done. I couldn't wait for the other 2 night to come. IT WAS AWESOME!


By Latu


Monday, October 26, 2009

Looking forward to Production.

I'm looking forward to the Production it will be cool to see alot of people there to see our performance and to see everyone doing there hardest in Acting,Dancing or maybe just standing there like statues. All the practice we have done to perfect our production will be worth it.

I sure hope our audience will like it and I'm looking forward to seeing their faces light up as they watch and have a scary face as well when the watch the trolls come out.
I am in the Robots and the Trolls so I am going to do my hardest and smile alot to make the dance really cool.

So check this out - I forgot to say I'm a Barbie too! We filmed that dance earlier last week.
Here's a taste of what you can look forward to.

By April

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Most Glorious Assembly

What a great start to the term we had. As I walked into the assembly there were two barbecue boys cooking sizzling sausages, lollies flying through the air, and teachers dawdling around showing off their costumes.

We were back at school on Monday the 12 October where on the first day we always have an Immersion Assembly. This means all our teachers dress up in fancy or crazy costumes to get us into the topic. This term our topic is called 'FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD'.
The first thing I noticed was the barbecue boys. They had been cooking delicious sizzling sausages and charcoaled chicken earlier that morning. Sitting down my mouth was drooling hoping I'd get one. Lucky Latu came and gave me a juicy fat sausage. This was a most unexpected start to the day.
The highlight of this assembly for me was team 4 ,Mrs Nua was the best! She was dressed as Santa Claus she also had a sack that she was walking around with and scrambling lollies around the hall.
Leaving the hall I was thinking there's going to be another great term coming our way. I also hoped there's going to be alot of cooking because of our wonderful topic 'FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD'.
By Vaha

My home country

I LOVE the Islands because they are LOVELY and also stunningly BEAUTIFUL. The Islands make me think of my home country SAMOA but right now the pictures that are going through my head are of the Tsunami, because a few weeks ago the Tsunami hit Samoa and also TONGA which was really sad. But luckily my Mum and Dads side of the country didn't get hit because their Village was on the other side of the big hill.The worst Villages that I have heard of that got hit by the Tsunami was Lalomanu and Poutasi Beach. My Mum was really sad because my Aunty was having a vacation near the beach and she was held up by the Tsunami!!!! We were all very thankful when she returned back safely.
I really hope that other people who have lost family and friends are all safe and coping with this tragedy.
By Mauina

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Barbies from Uptown St!!

The Barbies From Uptown St!!

"Beep Beep" the speaker went the call out was for all Barbies to go to the ICT Room because we were filming our Barbie which included Kens because we were from Uptown St.

"Thump Thump", As I was walking to towards the ICT room thinking whether I had the right colour pink and the right colour blue for my jeans. As I marched through the ICT room there were a few of the crew there already and a few that were still coming.

I grabbed my bag that was with my costume and placed it in my arms and went to the toilet's to get changed. I was feeling pretty excited at this point.

When we got back the first thing we did was take pictures in photo booth. We took a few pictures before we started. Coming through the ICT room was Mrs Flavelle, so Mrs Tele'a asked her if she could put make up on each and everyone of us (even the boys!).

It was time for filming I said to Helen "ooh I've got butterflies in my tummy."
As soon as we got in Henry and I along with everyone else had to stand in our places.

Mr J finally got around three angles filming in different spots and now it was the time where he did close ups to everyones faces. Finally it wa over and done with. Out of all the takes it was 1-8 takes.

I would like to give a big thank you to Mrs Samuel's who came and took some time off and came to teach us the Uptown Girl Dance!!

By Latu

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lollie Cake. Cinquain

Lollie cake.

Delicious, Rainbowlike.

Mixing, Munching, Crunching.

Delectable and very colourful.


By April,Gabby,Vaine,Casey,Raven

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tsunami Hits SAMOA and TONGA

Tsunami that hit the Islands of TONGA AND SAMOA

On the 30th of September 2009 something HORRIBLE happened- there was a Tsunami in Tonga and Samoa. Back here in New Zealand we waited anxiously as so many of us have family in the Islands.

People from Samoa and Tonga moved to higher ground and at first we heard there were no injured people but we knew the enormous Waves would have created huge damage.

Unfortunately, in Tonga six people were confirmed dead, and four are missing following the waves which have also caused much damage.

Samoa was hit as well with six to eight metre waves
on the South Coast early on Wednesday - this was during
our school holidays.

To all of those people who survived the Tsunami in Tonga and Samoa I would like to say
thank you for being brave and strong. By Feki

To my family and my village in Samoa I would just like to say I hope you are safe
and have had your offering. Nathaniel

I hope you are all safe now in SAMOA AND TONGA!!! by Tamati

I feel sorry for the people that died in Samoa and Tonga.
My village in Samoa is important to me because my family are
there and I love them so much and care about them
and that's all I have to say.
Fa soifua
by Henry.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fractured Fairytales

During our topic this Term we've been writing our own Fractured Fairy Tales. Here are a few excerpts from them. Can you guess which Fairytale they might have been based on originally?

Agent Red

One beautiful morning Agent Red went strolling through the forest to her grandma's. Then she heard something creeping in the bushes. She told herself to keep alert. There was the rabbit, looming up behind her shrouding her in darkness. She didn't notice until she saw the shadow come up from behind. She took one big kick to the face of the rabbit and dashed away...

By Charm

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A visit from Mrs Walsh

On Friday 18th of September someone special came to school it was Mrs Walsh!. Before Mr Burt gave out the awards he called out to Mrs Walsh to come and shake the hands.As soon Mr Burt called out the first name he ran up to Mrs Walsh and gave her a big hug!.When the second person came up to shake Mrs Walsh hand Mrs Walsh did not shake the persons hand but she hugged them really soft she hugged every other person that had a certificate.Even though Mrs Walsh did not know the new entrants she still hugged them.When assembly was finished every body ran up to her and hugged her.When we first saw Mrs Walsh she was really excited to see us.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hi there my name is Feki. I play rugby for the Teachers Eastern Football Club. My rugby team have played all season. We have won lots of games and lost only 4. We are way better than last year because we lost all of our games. So it was a HUGE improvement.
Last week we had our club Prizegiving. As I walked into our clubrooms I saw Lelia 'Flash' Masaga and the New Zealand Sevens Captain DJ Forbes. When I first got there they had already called me for my trophies so I was too late. But my trophies were for 'Player of the Season and 'Player of the Year!' I got my trophies and guess what?! Our Sports Manager Kirt said that I could have my photo taken with Flash Masaga and DJ Forbes with my trophies. I said 'Yee-ah!'
After our club prize giving our coach Mr Palmer went up and received a 'Not Arguing Award' which was for my team mate Hinckley. Mr Palmer told our club 'You know why you don't want to argue with this big boy!'

When he finished talking Mr Palmer came in with lots of KFC chicken and Clinton brought over
chinese food. My whole Rugby Team had a fantastic kai and we all went home feeling extremely happy. Especially me with both of my trophies.

by Feki

Monday, September 14, 2009

Girls Rugby Semi final!

On Friday the 12th of September our girls rugby team including myself had a very tough game. We challenged a school which had really good rugby players, their school was called Koru Primary. We had the game at our school which was alright but I was really hoping it would be at their school.

We all had to warm up for the game which started at 1pm so we practised some of the drills we learnt with the boys.

It was nearly time to start we all got ready to start thinking of a cheer, our captain Rachael had to leave so it was up to us! A girl next to me said "we are going to loose" I said "think positive".

The whistle went time to kick off, our kicker was Michelle she is really good at it she did a drop kick "BOOM!" the ball went we were chasing after the ball. A person from Koru caught the ball Helen from Room 18 caught that person and tackled her trying to get the ball. Rachael caught the ball but unfortunately she got tackled she then passed it on to Helen, then she made a run for it .

After a few passes it was nearly half time Rachael almost got to the try line then she got tackled again, finally it was half time.

I went to Full Back after half time so I quickly ran to where I was meant to stand. It was time to start again, the ball went we all tried to get the ball. Bobbi-Grace made a run for it then she passed it to Helen who passed it on to someone else - we all most got that try but we got tackled.

It was nearly time to stop we were all trying so hard to get a try but Koru School scored the last try and then time was up and sadly we lost the semi finals.

We all said we worked hard but unfortunately we lost. However everyone of us said "we could give it a go again next year".

By Latu

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

In extension Mrs Burt showed us a website called "Wordle". Wordle is a website that can show you bunch of different words from the text that you have written on your blog posts. It also can give you an idea of what visitors see when they visit your blog.The words you have used the most are the biggest.

By Latu.

The storyteller -Stu Duvall-

On a fine Tuesday morning after we had just eaten our lunch an expert came to our school, his name was Stu Duvall he was so magnificent. If you gave him a number up to 1 Million he could turn it into a cartoon character, he even did it with letters too. Stu is an expert in both art and story telling . I whispered to my self "man he is an artist" - he even told us his secrets one of them was 'Practise makes perfect- some times'. Everybody agreed that he was pretty amazing!

Then Stu said to us "now I'm going to tell you a story -a story that will come to life" and so we did a brainstorm together, we helped him to create some of the characters and he borrowed the names of a couple of our teachers. This made the story more special and real to us. Then he turned on some music and drew his setting (the background). It looked authentic and realistic.
The very next thing he did was he started telling the made up story. It impressed us because he just did it 'off the cuff'. It was about a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood Tuala  ( one of  the borrowed names), that did not listen to an old man who said "DO NOT go to that Castle because there is a wicked old witch called Witch T,  she has lived there for 7 years"  So, then Little Red got locked up in the tallest tower for seven years. At last a prince came from the land of UM - with his horse called fluffy, to save his Princess.
And of course at the end everyone lived happily ever after.

We're hoping that Stu will come back to visit again soon and tell us more of his great stories!

By Jordan 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My trials for Samoa

Recently a handful of us from Pt England School got the chance to try out for the Toa Samoa team on Sunday.Today is the big day for the day had come nerves were Strong I felt like I was about to puke we arrived here altogether we were just in time to register so we went and singed we are so excited .  
The kick off for the first trial me ,Jeyan,Jonty,Nathaniel,Steven and Mac we were all on the sideline watching nervously it felt like there was a boxer inside me. 20 more minutes til your trial time the final whistle blew that was it for the first game it was over I and Nathaniel were split up and I was sad, so I sucked up all the tears but I really wanted to burst out and CRY I played my game we walked on the field after the warm ups it was game ''TIME'' even though I had to verse my best friend.Out of no the 1st receiver threw me the ball I ran as hardest as I ever ran before I ran straight at my friend ''BUMP'', as I was coming in for the try Jeyan ankle taped me I fell over and lost all my skin it was cut I acted like it never hurt I hopped off the field and swapped with the other prop I watched from the sideline I cheered on my best friend like I was the sideline parent. ''COME ON BRO'' as Nathaniel was dashing off to the try line the whistle blew ''TIME'' is up it was time to come and sit down and hear if you made it Sione,Nathaniel,Jonty from Mt.Wellington Warriors please make in to the team YEAH!!! we made it in what the way to END a long day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Netball '09

Take a look at some of the action from the Auckland Netball Courts on Thursday. There are 4 players from our class amongst this talented team. This movie was carefully created by April - see if you can spot her helping her team to victory!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jonty the player of the day

When I heard that Jonty scored the double , I was amazed that he got two player of the days on the very same day - I was so ecstatic about it. Mr Palmer spoke out and told us the score was 51 to 7 our whole school was amazed at our rugby boys WOW but when I heard Jontys name for player of the day I was so blown away ''he must be a really good player I thought to my self."

Then Mr Jacobsen announced the SOCCER there were 5 games played Pt England drew 1 and won 4. Mr Jacobsen said the soccer player who stood out was the boy who already got Player of the Day Jonty again! My ears couldn't believe it - two 'Player of the Day' certificates WOW, soccer and rugby must a great player!
Well until the next time I write about sport - see you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Studio Seventeen News.........

It s news time..............Here's a few things that grabbed our attention from TVNZ this week.

Bad weather stopped efforts to reach ferry.

We were happy to see in the News that the Princess Ashika, the Tongan Ferry which sank, has finally been located and they will be able to recover it .For more information go to TVNZ.co.nz then click on to world news.


End of year tour for Silver Ferns!
Netball New Zealand confirmed on Friday that the Silver Ferns will play England And Jamaica after the world series in Manchester this year.

I'll keep you posted

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Long Lean Lanky Jones!

A very strange thing happened at our Assembly last Friday. Everyone was surprised when our principal Mr Burt appeared on stage wearing a shiny long beautiful red dress with a wacky fluorescent wig, and dancing.
It was a little confusing to understand their song which was called Along Came Jones. It began with Mr Palmer one of our teachers, he came out, plonked himself down on a soft armchair and glued himself to the TV. Suddenly our assembly went wild with laughter, as our Principal pranced out in his fancy dress closely followed by the evil
villain, played by Mr J. Then he tied her up and left her for dead on the railroad track"...watch and see what happened next.

We really enjoyed it and thought it was a hilarious example of our theme this term, which is called
"The Art In Story Telling".

By Mauina , Etta, Maree, Gabby, Jordan, Sione and Charm.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009


Dinosaurs were big and mighty.

I know that some were huge and spikey.

No one knows if their teeth were sharp and shiny.

Omnivores were humongous and heavy.

Some were large and definitely bitey.

A dinosaur that I know is very big and often scary.

Unbelievable to think, that they have all become extinct.

Roar - their mouths were stink and smelly.

Some had teeth that were rotten and turned things into jelly

By Sharon

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Evil Queen

It sent a shiver down my spine as Mrs Tele'a posed with a sinister stare. She pulled out the Ox's heart from her hand bag I thought "are you for real?". In disguise as the evil queen, she was demanding proof from her mirror - "Who is the fairest of them all?"

By Raven

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Immersion Assembly

We've had another great Immersion Assembly to kick off our new Term. Our teachers all dressed up as various characters from Fairytales, as this term our topic is called 'The Art in Storytelling.' We're working on writing some great sentences that describe some of the teachers costumes.

Miss Garden's dress looked frilly and frothy, a bit like candy floss but white. When she glided on to the stage she looked like a princess. Some people said Miss Garden looked sweet and demure.

By Raven

I cracked up when I saw Miss Tito clowing around.
Her costume was an oringnal and creative idea for this term.

By Gabby.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nga Korero

Check out Silver Literacy Group's latest movie. Their task was to both share with people, and explain the reason for some of the Weekly Korero. Take a look and see what they created...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The hardest game ever!

Every Thursday night Pt England Netballers go up to the Auckland Netball Courts and play some really hard games. Last night our J1 s had another great battle against the Auckland Netball Centre (ANC) Year 6's. It was a very hard game but we played really well and never gave up chasing the ball. When the buzzer went for full time the final score was 15 to to us and 20 to them. Our player of the day was Latu she really deserved it.

By Maree.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Coldest Day Ever!

It was exceptionally cold and there was a beautiful blanket of frost on our field the other morning. The following is a collection of our sentences that we decided were our best!!

I felt really cold, I was like a penguin in Antarctica.
By April.
The bark from the tree was slippery like ice.
By Casey.
Every time I breathed into the air it looked like fog was coming out of my mouth.
By Charm.
When I placed my hand on the wall it felt cold and wet.
By Etta.
It sent goose bumps through my hands because it was sooooo cold.
By Feki.
April and I made foot prints in the cold, icy grass.
By Gabby.
I knew it was cold because I saw a lot of fog come off the lake.
By Mauina.
I walked down to the playground, I was feeling like we Rm 17 were red and black penguins strolling to the Antarctica but it was at school.
By Nathaniel.
As Rm 17 strolled to see the ice beside the playground on the field it looked like it was an ice hockey stadium because the field was covered in sparkly ice.
By Jonty.
I could feel the breeze, it was so chilly!
By Latu.
As my class were strolling to the playground you could see ice on the field and on the playground. If you took off your shoes and played on the grass your feet got numb and you couldn't feel it.
By Zane.
It felt like I was a human ice block.
By Sione.
When I touched the grass my hand got very cold.
By Tevita.
As I swiped my hand on the cold icy grass it froze my fingers together.
By Henry.
As I was strolling on the field it was wet and it looked like a huge sheet of sugar.
By Tracey Matina Vaine.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Wow, I couldn't wait to see my teacher and my friends.
Class opened and I zoomed into class and said "good, morning" to my teacher. Everyone looked bigger and had new hair styles, like Gabrielle she had cut her hair.
The bell finally rang and I wasn't sure what we were going to do.We went to the hall and sat down.When I looked at the teachers they looked so different.Team two looked like they were going to a party. The Team three teachers looked like they were spies, they were carrying all kinds of tools like magnifying glasses and cameras. I liked team four because of their horrifying faces.
After a few minutes Mrs Tele'a came and was going to sing a new song, but then she asked Team 2 if they could help with the echo. They said "Yes". So they came up and accompanied Mrs Tele'a with her song, it was very funny. The song that they sang was about dinosaurs because our topic this term was about dinosaurs.

By Sharon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stop Think and Do!

At our weekly Friday Assemblies, our Principal Mr Burt always does a 'Korero'. These are to remind us of the 'Pt England Way'. Last term Silver Group created a movie to remind others about one our schools weekly korero. Take a look and see if you get their message?

Thursday, April 30, 2009


YAY! We are going Rockclimbing. Kelly drove us it was really far and finally we got to our destination.I sprinted in as fast as a cheetah, then Zane the person that worked there, he told us some saftey rules.I put on my harness and raced to the Indiana Jones wall.I climbed up like a monkey climbing away from a vicious predator.

Next I went to the tall bean stalk, I climbed to the very top and I looked down it looked like everybody had shrunk and as I fell down it felt like I was flying.When I hit the ground I felt so exhausted from using all my strength trying to climb the bean stalk.

I went to Zane to ask him which was the hardest wal? He said the wall with the ropes on it.I slithered over to the wall. I buckled my self up and I climbed up then I fell down it was too hard.

Finally the time came to go back to school and off we went.

By Charm

Monday, April 6, 2009

This term the Pt England Senior School had a great experience camping out on our school field in tents and doing lots of different activities to challenge ourselves and to learn to work together as part of a group. We all had a great time and have created some animations to share our highlights. We hope you enjoy them here is the first of many.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Close Up with the Cup.

Have you ever had a photo with the cup?. Pt England has, but this wasn't any ordinary cup, this was the Rugby League World Cup.
I bet you're wondering what the World Cup was doing at Pt England School.
Well, because we were Rugby League Champions ourselves last year, our teams won breakfast with the World Cup. So, they set off to do training with some special coaches. But before they went out to play they started their day with a healthy breakfast with Reuben Wiki!!

So that's how we got to see the Rugby League World Cup and take photos feeling like we were famous .
By Ngaina

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Best Race Ever

On Sunday we went to Stonefield Drive for our Soap Box Derby. We were chattering on the way there.
As soon as we got there we rushed out of the cars and set up our pit crew. Cruz was nervous and he weighed in and he was perfect so he went up and we put the derby car on the ramp and then all you can hear is go go go for Cruz so the man yelled out 3.2.1.GO as the ramp roared like a monster.He stared poor but then he got a little faster but we saw the flag go on to Cruz's side and then Mr J yelled out !!Yahoo!! Next was Shontal she looked like she was in lots of fear but what we always say!!GIVE IT A GOOD SHOT!! and she gave it a go.Next was Jacob he went and is time was good to.Shhhhhhhhhhh Mr. Palmer said.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Skating Sione

Here we have Sione skating at our local skating rink. It would be great to hear some skating stories from any of our audience! Enjoy the animation!

Holiday time!!

This term we have worked on writing recounts of our holidays. Alongside this in e-learning we have planned and completed animations to share with an audience. Below are a range of animations that our class have created. We hope you will enjoy them and we look forward to your feedback.

Room 17 Tamariki

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sister Agnus

Sister Agnus is from the Sisters of Mercy and she helps people
who can't afford anything. They are based in Pt England in Waddell Ave.
She gave our school some money and we still have some of that money which is pretty cool but the one thing I like about sister Agnus is she helps kids that are always sick.

Sister Agnus came to assembly because Sister Agnus was leaving Auckland so it was more like a
farewell assembly for Sister Agnus. As a gift we gave her a rose. Hopefully she will plant it in Rotorua.

We will all miss Sister Agnus.
By Jordan P

Assembly at Point England School.

Every Friday at Pt England School we have an Assembly and during the assembly our music teacher Mr Jacobsen comes and sings a song. Some songs are funny some songs are very slow.
But this song is funny. When our whole school first heard it we couldn't stop laughing.

The theme of the song is kind of violent because it's about a man trying to get rid of his cat I think, but that doesn't mean that our school is violent. Actually we work really hard to make sure that we follow the Pt England Way and kids are safe and happy.
Check out the song and see if you like it.

By Gabrielle

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soap Box Derby Pracstise

Yesterday on the 11th of March the Pt England School Team went to Glendowie to practise for our Soap Box Derby. When we went to our practise we said a prayer and had a short meeting before we got ready. We were feeling pretty proud of our flash little red car!
Jacob got ready to start.!!BOOM!! As the ramp ticked he went zooming down the hill. He set the pace, the new record he made was 4 seconds, and then next it was Shontal's turn. She looked afraid but she still did it. After Shontal it was me, Nathaniel.
I zoomed down the hill and when I reached the bottom I slammed on the brakes. Before my turn I had been pretty nervous but after I had done it I felt really proud of myself. It was great fun.
I can not wait for the big race coming up this Sunday.
By Nathaniel

Thursday, February 26, 2009

PIHA Beach And The Funfest

On the second of January me and my family went to PIHA Beach. It was hot. It was far away from here. When we got there we hopped out of the car and ran into the calm water. If you moved further up you could see the big waves, it can be extremely dangerous. I ran in to the waves it was pretty cool.

There was a big mountain it's very high. I walked all way the up and then it was blocked so you couldn't walk up. You have to climb up, so I climbed.

Then on January the 4Th I went to the Fun Fest with my family. This man on the stage said "who wants to krump for money and a prize". I put my hand up and he chose me, but then I was too shy. When the song played I started krumping hard out. When it stopped my head was sweaty. The others got the prize, I got an even bigger and better prize.
Next I went on the rides. I went to this ride it was called the kamikaze, it looked freaky because you go upside down. When I got on there, I was pretty freaked out and then when it started it made me feel even worse. I thought I was going to throw up. My brother Douglas kept staring at my face he was laughing at me because I guess I must have looked pretty weird!

I hope I can go to the Fun Fest again next year.

By Henry

Friday, February 20, 2009

!!!!My Touch team!!!!!

On Monday last week my touch team went to Eastern Beach.
We went there because we won all of our games and won the big trophy for 2009.
There were heaps of rocks and I climbed off one of them and jumped onto the deep part.When the tide was out we went all the way to the far end to look for some fish, but we didn't find any, instead we found some mussels. As we were trying to crack the mussels, it sounded like someone was eating a crunchy chip. We tried to crack them so we could eat them raw, but they were too solid.
After that we had a big B.B.Q with sausages,steak and lamb.
What a great day, I wish there were fish there, but the fish, were much further out.
By Feki

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going to Mount Roskill.

We spent a huge time with my Aunt and Uncle at Maraetai Beach during the holidays.

''Hair spray'' ''Hair spray'' said my little cousin Ashlee. As we were getting comfortable in our beds and eating lots of junk food. Then I said ''Can you pause the movie?"

I went and put some of my chocolate fish in the fridge.

The next day we went to a big flying fox you can sit on.

''Ahhhhhh'' I said as I was on the flying fox. I went as fast as a cheetah. I zoomed past the two trees that my aunt was sitting underneath and bang went my big hit. It came really close to hitting my head. I kept on going again and again.

I hope to go back to Mount Roskill with my aunt and uncle again so that I can play on the big
flying fox.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Room 17's Thoughts and Goals

Skate Land

In the holidays on the 27th of January, I went to skate land. It was awesome and funny, I went with my cousins. It was like watching two circus clowns when my two cousins were trying to skate, they fell over and over and over and I felt like I was watching Americas Funniest Home.Videos, the comedy show I felt like I was the host.
Next there was the races, so I went to the start line with my cousin 3...2..1. GO!!! said the man. I ZOOMED off like an angry RHINO with smoke coming out of my ears, like water in a shower LAST LAP!!! said the man. So I went as fast as I'd ever gone before. I think put flame marks in the ground I went so fast! Faster than flash,q uicksilver and super man yeah woo. Yes I won the race with my two cousins still on the ground. So I helped them up and they quit skating because of how many bruises they had.
It was time for LIMBO!!! Then my cousin came back to skate limbo. They tried it and they got out straight away. I laughed so hard, I felt like my head was going to explode like a T.N.T counting down 3...2..1. KA-BOOM went my head as I was laughing.
It was a great day.

By Sione

Diving with Dad!

Two weeks ago I went diving with my dad.We went to Army bay.To get there we had to go over the Harbour bridge.
When we got there we went out where it was deep.Then we dived under and found lots of kina.We filled the bucket until it got to the top.The last kina that we were going to get was huge I touched it and I said "oww" because I pricked my finger with its spikes.Then my Dad got it.We had lots and I said "yum".
I can't wait until we go again,because we are going to have the special gear next time.

by Casey