Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Best Race Ever

On Sunday we went to Stonefield Drive for our Soap Box Derby. We were chattering on the way there.
As soon as we got there we rushed out of the cars and set up our pit crew. Cruz was nervous and he weighed in and he was perfect so he went up and we put the derby car on the ramp and then all you can hear is go go go for Cruz so the man yelled out 3.2.1.GO as the ramp roared like a monster.He stared poor but then he got a little faster but we saw the flag go on to Cruz's side and then Mr J yelled out !!Yahoo!! Next was Shontal she looked like she was in lots of fear but what we always say!!GIVE IT A GOOD SHOT!! and she gave it a go.Next was Jacob he went and is time was good to.Shhhhhhhhhhh Mr. Palmer said.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Skating Sione

Here we have Sione skating at our local skating rink. It would be great to hear some skating stories from any of our audience! Enjoy the animation!

Holiday time!!

This term we have worked on writing recounts of our holidays. Alongside this in e-learning we have planned and completed animations to share with an audience. Below are a range of animations that our class have created. We hope you will enjoy them and we look forward to your feedback.

Room 17 Tamariki

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sister Agnus

Sister Agnus is from the Sisters of Mercy and she helps people
who can't afford anything. They are based in Pt England in Waddell Ave.
She gave our school some money and we still have some of that money which is pretty cool but the one thing I like about sister Agnus is she helps kids that are always sick.

Sister Agnus came to assembly because Sister Agnus was leaving Auckland so it was more like a
farewell assembly for Sister Agnus. As a gift we gave her a rose. Hopefully she will plant it in Rotorua.

We will all miss Sister Agnus.
By Jordan P

Assembly at Point England School.

Every Friday at Pt England School we have an Assembly and during the assembly our music teacher Mr Jacobsen comes and sings a song. Some songs are funny some songs are very slow.
But this song is funny. When our whole school first heard it we couldn't stop laughing.

The theme of the song is kind of violent because it's about a man trying to get rid of his cat I think, but that doesn't mean that our school is violent. Actually we work really hard to make sure that we follow the Pt England Way and kids are safe and happy.
Check out the song and see if you like it.

By Gabrielle

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soap Box Derby Pracstise

Yesterday on the 11th of March the Pt England School Team went to Glendowie to practise for our Soap Box Derby. When we went to our practise we said a prayer and had a short meeting before we got ready. We were feeling pretty proud of our flash little red car!
Jacob got ready to start.!!BOOM!! As the ramp ticked he went zooming down the hill. He set the pace, the new record he made was 4 seconds, and then next it was Shontal's turn. She looked afraid but she still did it. After Shontal it was me, Nathaniel.
I zoomed down the hill and when I reached the bottom I slammed on the brakes. Before my turn I had been pretty nervous but after I had done it I felt really proud of myself. It was great fun.
I can not wait for the big race coming up this Sunday.
By Nathaniel