Friday, September 25, 2009

Fractured Fairytales

During our topic this Term we've been writing our own Fractured Fairy Tales. Here are a few excerpts from them. Can you guess which Fairytale they might have been based on originally?

Agent Red

One beautiful morning Agent Red went strolling through the forest to her grandma's. Then she heard something creeping in the bushes. She told herself to keep alert. There was the rabbit, looming up behind her shrouding her in darkness. She didn't notice until she saw the shadow come up from behind. She took one big kick to the face of the rabbit and dashed away...

By Charm

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A visit from Mrs Walsh

On Friday 18th of September someone special came to school it was Mrs Walsh!. Before Mr Burt gave out the awards he called out to Mrs Walsh to come and shake the hands.As soon Mr Burt called out the first name he ran up to Mrs Walsh and gave her a big hug!.When the second person came up to shake Mrs Walsh hand Mrs Walsh did not shake the persons hand but she hugged them really soft she hugged every other person that had a certificate.Even though Mrs Walsh did not know the new entrants she still hugged them.When assembly was finished every body ran up to her and hugged her.When we first saw Mrs Walsh she was really excited to see us.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hi there my name is Feki. I play rugby for the Teachers Eastern Football Club. My rugby team have played all season. We have won lots of games and lost only 4. We are way better than last year because we lost all of our games. So it was a HUGE improvement.
Last week we had our club Prizegiving. As I walked into our clubrooms I saw Lelia 'Flash' Masaga and the New Zealand Sevens Captain DJ Forbes. When I first got there they had already called me for my trophies so I was too late. But my trophies were for 'Player of the Season and 'Player of the Year!' I got my trophies and guess what?! Our Sports Manager Kirt said that I could have my photo taken with Flash Masaga and DJ Forbes with my trophies. I said 'Yee-ah!'
After our club prize giving our coach Mr Palmer went up and received a 'Not Arguing Award' which was for my team mate Hinckley. Mr Palmer told our club 'You know why you don't want to argue with this big boy!'

When he finished talking Mr Palmer came in with lots of KFC chicken and Clinton brought over
chinese food. My whole Rugby Team had a fantastic kai and we all went home feeling extremely happy. Especially me with both of my trophies.

by Feki

Monday, September 14, 2009

Girls Rugby Semi final!

On Friday the 12th of September our girls rugby team including myself had a very tough game. We challenged a school which had really good rugby players, their school was called Koru Primary. We had the game at our school which was alright but I was really hoping it would be at their school.

We all had to warm up for the game which started at 1pm so we practised some of the drills we learnt with the boys.

It was nearly time to start we all got ready to start thinking of a cheer, our captain Rachael had to leave so it was up to us! A girl next to me said "we are going to loose" I said "think positive".

The whistle went time to kick off, our kicker was Michelle she is really good at it she did a drop kick "BOOM!" the ball went we were chasing after the ball. A person from Koru caught the ball Helen from Room 18 caught that person and tackled her trying to get the ball. Rachael caught the ball but unfortunately she got tackled she then passed it on to Helen, then she made a run for it .

After a few passes it was nearly half time Rachael almost got to the try line then she got tackled again, finally it was half time.

I went to Full Back after half time so I quickly ran to where I was meant to stand. It was time to start again, the ball went we all tried to get the ball. Bobbi-Grace made a run for it then she passed it to Helen who passed it on to someone else - we all most got that try but we got tackled.

It was nearly time to stop we were all trying so hard to get a try but Koru School scored the last try and then time was up and sadly we lost the semi finals.

We all said we worked hard but unfortunately we lost. However everyone of us said "we could give it a go again next year".

By Latu

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

In extension Mrs Burt showed us a website called "Wordle". Wordle is a website that can show you bunch of different words from the text that you have written on your blog posts. It also can give you an idea of what visitors see when they visit your blog.The words you have used the most are the biggest.

By Latu.

The storyteller -Stu Duvall-

On a fine Tuesday morning after we had just eaten our lunch an expert came to our school, his name was Stu Duvall he was so magnificent. If you gave him a number up to 1 Million he could turn it into a cartoon character, he even did it with letters too. Stu is an expert in both art and story telling . I whispered to my self "man he is an artist" - he even told us his secrets one of them was 'Practise makes perfect- some times'. Everybody agreed that he was pretty amazing!

Then Stu said to us "now I'm going to tell you a story -a story that will come to life" and so we did a brainstorm together, we helped him to create some of the characters and he borrowed the names of a couple of our teachers. This made the story more special and real to us. Then he turned on some music and drew his setting (the background). It looked authentic and realistic.
The very next thing he did was he started telling the made up story. It impressed us because he just did it 'off the cuff'. It was about a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood Tuala  ( one of  the borrowed names), that did not listen to an old man who said "DO NOT go to that Castle because there is a wicked old witch called Witch T,  she has lived there for 7 years"  So, then Little Red got locked up in the tallest tower for seven years. At last a prince came from the land of UM - with his horse called fluffy, to save his Princess.
And of course at the end everyone lived happily ever after.

We're hoping that Stu will come back to visit again soon and tell us more of his great stories!

By Jordan