Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nga Korero

Check out Silver Literacy Group's latest movie. Their task was to both share with people, and explain the reason for some of the Weekly Korero. Take a look and see what they created...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The hardest game ever!

Every Thursday night Pt England Netballers go up to the Auckland Netball Courts and play some really hard games. Last night our J1 s had another great battle against the Auckland Netball Centre (ANC) Year 6's. It was a very hard game but we played really well and never gave up chasing the ball. When the buzzer went for full time the final score was 15 to to us and 20 to them. Our player of the day was Latu she really deserved it.

By Maree.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Coldest Day Ever!

It was exceptionally cold and there was a beautiful blanket of frost on our field the other morning. The following is a collection of our sentences that we decided were our best!!

I felt really cold, I was like a penguin in Antarctica.
By April.
The bark from the tree was slippery like ice.
By Casey.
Every time I breathed into the air it looked like fog was coming out of my mouth.
By Charm.
When I placed my hand on the wall it felt cold and wet.
By Etta.
It sent goose bumps through my hands because it was sooooo cold.
By Feki.
April and I made foot prints in the cold, icy grass.
By Gabby.
I knew it was cold because I saw a lot of fog come off the lake.
By Mauina.
I walked down to the playground, I was feeling like we Rm 17 were red and black penguins strolling to the Antarctica but it was at school.
By Nathaniel.
As Rm 17 strolled to see the ice beside the playground on the field it looked like it was an ice hockey stadium because the field was covered in sparkly ice.
By Jonty.
I could feel the breeze, it was so chilly!
By Latu.
As my class were strolling to the playground you could see ice on the field and on the playground. If you took off your shoes and played on the grass your feet got numb and you couldn't feel it.
By Zane.
It felt like I was a human ice block.
By Sione.
When I touched the grass my hand got very cold.
By Tevita.
As I swiped my hand on the cold icy grass it froze my fingers together.
By Henry.
As I was strolling on the field it was wet and it looked like a huge sheet of sugar.
By Tracey Matina Vaine.