Thursday, April 30, 2009


YAY! We are going Rockclimbing. Kelly drove us it was really far and finally we got to our destination.I sprinted in as fast as a cheetah, then Zane the person that worked there, he told us some saftey rules.I put on my harness and raced to the Indiana Jones wall.I climbed up like a monkey climbing away from a vicious predator.

Next I went to the tall bean stalk, I climbed to the very top and I looked down it looked like everybody had shrunk and as I fell down it felt like I was flying.When I hit the ground I felt so exhausted from using all my strength trying to climb the bean stalk.

I went to Zane to ask him which was the hardest wal? He said the wall with the ropes on it.I slithered over to the wall. I buckled my self up and I climbed up then I fell down it was too hard.

Finally the time came to go back to school and off we went.

By Charm

Monday, April 6, 2009

This term the Pt England Senior School had a great experience camping out on our school field in tents and doing lots of different activities to challenge ourselves and to learn to work together as part of a group. We all had a great time and have created some animations to share our highlights. We hope you enjoy them here is the first of many.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Close Up with the Cup.

Have you ever had a photo with the cup?. Pt England has, but this wasn't any ordinary cup, this was the Rugby League World Cup.
I bet you're wondering what the World Cup was doing at Pt England School.
Well, because we were Rugby League Champions ourselves last year, our teams won breakfast with the World Cup. So, they set off to do training with some special coaches. But before they went out to play they started their day with a healthy breakfast with Reuben Wiki!!

So that's how we got to see the Rugby League World Cup and take photos feeling like we were famous .
By Ngaina