Thursday, February 26, 2009

PIHA Beach And The Funfest

On the second of January me and my family went to PIHA Beach. It was hot. It was far away from here. When we got there we hopped out of the car and ran into the calm water. If you moved further up you could see the big waves, it can be extremely dangerous. I ran in to the waves it was pretty cool.

There was a big mountain it's very high. I walked all way the up and then it was blocked so you couldn't walk up. You have to climb up, so I climbed.

Then on January the 4Th I went to the Fun Fest with my family. This man on the stage said "who wants to krump for money and a prize". I put my hand up and he chose me, but then I was too shy. When the song played I started krumping hard out. When it stopped my head was sweaty. The others got the prize, I got an even bigger and better prize.
Next I went on the rides. I went to this ride it was called the kamikaze, it looked freaky because you go upside down. When I got on there, I was pretty freaked out and then when it started it made me feel even worse. I thought I was going to throw up. My brother Douglas kept staring at my face he was laughing at me because I guess I must have looked pretty weird!

I hope I can go to the Fun Fest again next year.

By Henry

Friday, February 20, 2009

!!!!My Touch team!!!!!

On Monday last week my touch team went to Eastern Beach.
We went there because we won all of our games and won the big trophy for 2009.
There were heaps of rocks and I climbed off one of them and jumped onto the deep part.When the tide was out we went all the way to the far end to look for some fish, but we didn't find any, instead we found some mussels. As we were trying to crack the mussels, it sounded like someone was eating a crunchy chip. We tried to crack them so we could eat them raw, but they were too solid.
After that we had a big B.B.Q with sausages,steak and lamb.
What a great day, I wish there were fish there, but the fish, were much further out.
By Feki

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going to Mount Roskill.

We spent a huge time with my Aunt and Uncle at Maraetai Beach during the holidays.

''Hair spray'' ''Hair spray'' said my little cousin Ashlee. As we were getting comfortable in our beds and eating lots of junk food. Then I said ''Can you pause the movie?"

I went and put some of my chocolate fish in the fridge.

The next day we went to a big flying fox you can sit on.

''Ahhhhhh'' I said as I was on the flying fox. I went as fast as a cheetah. I zoomed past the two trees that my aunt was sitting underneath and bang went my big hit. It came really close to hitting my head. I kept on going again and again.

I hope to go back to Mount Roskill with my aunt and uncle again so that I can play on the big
flying fox.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Room 17's Thoughts and Goals

Skate Land

In the holidays on the 27th of January, I went to skate land. It was awesome and funny, I went with my cousins. It was like watching two circus clowns when my two cousins were trying to skate, they fell over and over and over and I felt like I was watching Americas Funniest Home.Videos, the comedy show I felt like I was the host.
Next there was the races, so I went to the start line with my cousin 3...2..1. GO!!! said the man. I ZOOMED off like an angry RHINO with smoke coming out of my ears, like water in a shower LAST LAP!!! said the man. So I went as fast as I'd ever gone before. I think put flame marks in the ground I went so fast! Faster than flash,q uicksilver and super man yeah woo. Yes I won the race with my two cousins still on the ground. So I helped them up and they quit skating because of how many bruises they had.
It was time for LIMBO!!! Then my cousin came back to skate limbo. They tried it and they got out straight away. I laughed so hard, I felt like my head was going to explode like a T.N.T counting down 3...2..1. KA-BOOM went my head as I was laughing.
It was a great day.

By Sione

Diving with Dad!

Two weeks ago I went diving with my dad.We went to Army bay.To get there we had to go over the Harbour bridge.
When we got there we went out where it was deep.Then we dived under and found lots of kina.We filled the bucket until it got to the top.The last kina that we were going to get was huge I touched it and I said "oww" because I pricked my finger with its spikes.Then my Dad got it.We had lots and I said "yum".
I can't wait until we go again,because we are going to have the special gear next time.

by Casey