Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My trials for Samoa

Recently a handful of us from Pt England School got the chance to try out for the Toa Samoa team on Sunday.Today is the big day for the day had come nerves were Strong I felt like I was about to puke we arrived here altogether we were just in time to register so we went and singed we are so excited .  
The kick off for the first trial me ,Jeyan,Jonty,Nathaniel,Steven and Mac we were all on the sideline watching nervously it felt like there was a boxer inside me. 20 more minutes til your trial time the final whistle blew that was it for the first game it was over I and Nathaniel were split up and I was sad, so I sucked up all the tears but I really wanted to burst out and CRY I played my game we walked on the field after the warm ups it was game ''TIME'' even though I had to verse my best friend.Out of no the 1st receiver threw me the ball I ran as hardest as I ever ran before I ran straight at my friend ''BUMP'', as I was coming in for the try Jeyan ankle taped me I fell over and lost all my skin it was cut I acted like it never hurt I hopped off the field and swapped with the other prop I watched from the sideline I cheered on my best friend like I was the sideline parent. ''COME ON BRO'' as Nathaniel was dashing off to the try line the whistle blew ''TIME'' is up it was time to come and sit down and hear if you made it Sione,Nathaniel,Jonty from Mt.Wellington Warriors please make in to the team YEAH!!! we made it in what the way to END a long day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Netball '09

Take a look at some of the action from the Auckland Netball Courts on Thursday. There are 4 players from our class amongst this talented team. This movie was carefully created by April - see if you can spot her helping her team to victory!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jonty the player of the day

When I heard that Jonty scored the double , I was amazed that he got two player of the days on the very same day - I was so ecstatic about it. Mr Palmer spoke out and told us the score was 51 to 7 our whole school was amazed at our rugby boys WOW but when I heard Jontys name for player of the day I was so blown away ''he must be a really good player I thought to my self."

Then Mr Jacobsen announced the SOCCER there were 5 games played Pt England drew 1 and won 4. Mr Jacobsen said the soccer player who stood out was the boy who already got Player of the Day Jonty again! My ears couldn't believe it - two 'Player of the Day' certificates WOW, soccer and rugby must a great player!
Well until the next time I write about sport - see you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Studio Seventeen News.........

It s news time..............Here's a few things that grabbed our attention from TVNZ this week.

Bad weather stopped efforts to reach ferry.

We were happy to see in the News that the Princess Ashika, the Tongan Ferry which sank, has finally been located and they will be able to recover it .For more information go to TVNZ.co.nz then click on to world news.


End of year tour for Silver Ferns!
Netball New Zealand confirmed on Friday that the Silver Ferns will play England And Jamaica after the world series in Manchester this year.

I'll keep you posted

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Long Lean Lanky Jones!

A very strange thing happened at our Assembly last Friday. Everyone was surprised when our principal Mr Burt appeared on stage wearing a shiny long beautiful red dress with a wacky fluorescent wig, and dancing.
It was a little confusing to understand their song which was called Along Came Jones. It began with Mr Palmer one of our teachers, he came out, plonked himself down on a soft armchair and glued himself to the TV. Suddenly our assembly went wild with laughter, as our Principal pranced out in his fancy dress closely followed by the evil
villain, played by Mr J. Then he tied her up and left her for dead on the railroad track"...watch and see what happened next.

We really enjoyed it and thought it was a hilarious example of our theme this term, which is called
"The Art In Story Telling".

By Mauina , Etta, Maree, Gabby, Jordan, Sione and Charm.