Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank you from Camp TC

Recently we had our Annual Year 7 and 8 Camp, which this year was called 'Camp TC'. And 'Take Charge' we did. However as is always the case, we still required a good deal of help and support from a wonderful group of adults.
So this is a huge shout out and thank you to all of those wonderful parents and whanau who helped to ensure that we were well fed, safe and happy for the duration of Camp TC.
And despite all the hardwork - we hope you enjoyed it too! We are all truly grateful and feel blessed that you could spend time with us at Camp.

Thank you everyone.
Arohanui from the Pt England Year 7 and 8 Students and Teachers

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scavenger hunt

For the last day of the first term room twenty's student's had a scavenger hunt.
Everyone in the photo were from left to right Matthew,Shawn,Belle,Thora,Jane and Brooke. It was fun

Choc A Blok Scavenger Hunt

Today, our group Choc A Blok (Andrew, Bobbi-Grace, Mino, Matthew R and Toreka) competed against other groups in our class on a Scavenger Hunt. This was one of tasks we were given.

Thank you,
Choc A Blok

Have a Happy Easter holiday!

a team

This is a group photo on the last day of school two hours into the day and what a day it is thanks A team and Mrs Nua.

Team Red, Riddle Hunt

Even though we were the last team out!! we stuck together
and worked as a great team, and ended up coming in 1st Place..
Tino Pai Team Red...

'TEAM WORK' is the one!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In this wacky term, our AWESOME teacher Mrs Nua, gave us a task to do. She said that we had to make a small snippet of one our Pt England School Values!!!!!!!!! Me and Kayde(My Buddy) decided to do this year's theme throughout this, RESPONSIBILITY!!! In this movie, it shows and reminds people of how, Responsibility is a very important value!!!!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it(: