Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stop Think and Do!

At our weekly Friday Assemblies, our Principal Mr Burt always does a 'Korero'. These are to remind us of the 'Pt England Way'. Last term Silver Group created a movie to remind others about one our schools weekly korero. Take a look and see if you get their message?


Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Silver Group,
What a great movie. I liked the messages and explanations you gave about what "Stop, Think and Do" mean to you. Keep up the great work boys!

Miss Lavakula

Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Silver Group,

Wow! What a great movie. You explained and demonstrated very clearly the important message of taking time to think about your actions.
Well done boys.

Love from Mrs Jarman

Maree said...

Wow that was a great moive,I could not stop watching it.It was cool.

Ngaina room, 17 said...

Wow silver group that was so great you guys really put alot of effort in to making that movie it was great. You guys worked hard alot keep the hard work going STOP THINK AND DO

from ngaina in room 17

Mauina said...

HEY guys you have done alot of stuff that you did for one of Mr Burts koreros GREAT JOB GUYS keep up the BRILLIANT MOVIES!!!!!

spxroom6 said...

nice one silver group!!!!

spxroom6 said...

Exelent movie Silver group.That was entertaining and funny.Keep up the good work.
Silver group, we hope we see another fantastic movie like your's.

from Anita and Robert:):)

spxroom6 said...

Dear Silver group,

You rock guys, keep up the good work. I liked how you talked about stop,think and do. I also liked the song.


From Jessica

Tevita said...

Hi Silver group,
what a cool movie. I liked when you had a fight. keep up the good work.


Room 18 Tyler said...

Hi silver group,

I liked your movie i liked it when you had a fight it looked really real. Great work keep it up.

From Tyler

April Rm17 said...

hey silver group what a niice way to say what stop think & do means

spxroom6 said...

really good guys

meleseini said...

hi silver group i know someone from your group feki what a great movie keep the work up

michelle said...

hi feki you act like a star and your friends so keep up the awsome work

room 7 is heaven said...

Hi room 17.I love the way you talk loud and the way you move a lot.

By Hope

Casey said...

Great work guys.I enjoyed watching every movie of yours.

Kapai Silver group

Ngaina said...

Dear silver group I think stop means to stop what your doing think about what you are doing or how to solve a problem that you or someone else caused and do means to do the right thing !!!

Anonymous said...

hey boys your video rocks
hifo's friend latai

Sylvia and Tule said...

Hey Nataniel

Your story and your clip you put on your blog for us is really interesting yes the video clip has helped to remind the kids of the Point England way,

Keep up the great work!!!
From Sylvia and Tule!!!