Thursday, November 12, 2009

GI Fans!

The Manaiakalani Film Festival was held today in the Tamaki College Auditorium and Room 17 presented "GI Fans".


Mrs Tuala said...

Talofa Lava Room 17,
Fa'afetai lava for your awesome movie about our fantastic community G.I. It was so good to see popular hang out spots such as, the G.I dairy shops that sell the best produce Taro...yummmy my favourite and the Tippett Street Park. I also like the way the boys performed the fa'ataupati.
Thanks for making Glen Innes world famous.
Keep up the good work,
Tofa Soifua,
Mrs Tuala

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi there GI fans! I'm one too! I loved the idea you had about our fantastic community. You worked very hard at putting this together, videoing, singing, editing, producing and much more. I'm looking forward to seeing more of our community come online and see our world famous in GI township. Malo lava
Mrs Tele'a

Ms Squires said...

Fantastic job Room 17. You sure put a lot of different aspects into your movie so I can tell you have been working hard on it. It was an awesome plug for your community and would make anyone want to live here.I especially loved the dancing. Feki and Jordan yet again you fanastic performers presented your movie with confidence and flair and made us all proud to be Pt Englanders.
Ms Squires

Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 17,

I loved watching your movie: Gi Fans.
I loved the catchy song that you used and the video footage that was captured. You advertised your community well.

From Miss Paton

Reina said...

Hey Room 17

WOW!!!That was cool as i enjoyed it a lot you must of been thinking that you had a amazing movie for the Flim
Festivl it was cool learning about Cultures.

P.S Reina

Mrs Burt said...

Congratulations Room 17 on creating such a fabulous movie. It was a wonderful idea to follow up on the work you have already done for the Tamaki Transformation Project in such a creative way. I really enjoyed the music, especially hearing your beautiful voices. I was very proud of the way Feki and Jordan represented you all when they introduced the movie at the film festival too.
Well done!

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Kia Ora Room 17,
I really enjoyed watching your movie. It's great to see you showing how proud you are of your community Glen Innes. It was great to see you all participate in the dance too. Well done! Great movie.

Miss Lavakula

Makerita said...

Hi Rm 17,
,J.P and Feki you were the bomb. I was impressed. Wow J.P you were right I am a huge fan of Glen Innes
Keep up the good work.

Litia said...

Hi Room 17,
I really enjoyed your movie. And I completely agree with you,GI is a very special place. My favourite parts were when a group of you were dancing.I can't wait for your next movie.
See you soon.

Melehifo,Room15 said...

Hey GI fans! I really enjoyed your great movie about our incredible community. Now everyone will think that Glen Innes is the coolest town in the world! Hope you continue your awesome work for next year's Festival.

Anonymous said...

We loved watching your guys movie, and we`re GI fans too, it`s a cool place to be in. It was very entertaining to watch your movie. Hope to see more of your guy`s work.

Chantelle Rm 15 said...

hey G.I fans,
I love the way that use
presented your
movie.My faviourite
bit was when u showed our community and all the
yummy food.Keep up all
the good work.

Miss Garden said...

Brillant dancing, professional presenters, wonderful acting, and so nice to see Our Place show cased. Loved the movie.

Taverio room15 said...

Great job. That was a real cool movie about G.I and you chose a real neat song to go with it.Awesome work!!!

Mrs Sigamoney TIS said...

Hi Room 15
It was good to see how proud you are of your community and you should be. Loved the music and dancing. Well done1

Mrs. Barks said...

Hi Room 17!

What a great idea to feature GI and show off your community! Although I don't live in GI, I am certainly proud to have a small part in it by working at Point England.

Etta said...

Hi room 17 I think we did a really good jop and i mean a really good jop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 17!

What's up? I'm a huge G.I. fan having lived here most of my life. It was good to see all the familiar sights around G.I., the local dairy, parks etc. I loved the catchy soundtrack and cool dancing. G.I.'s a great place to live in because of all of the awesome people in our community.

Well done guys. I hope you all have fun on year 6 camp.

Mrs Lagitupu

june glenbrae room8 said...

hi i like your movie

Toreka said...

Hi Room 17! GI what! Our community is really cool when you think about it. Espeacially the food! Mmmmmmm, taro. I agree with Mrs Lagitupu, we have awesome people living here. You guys look like you had a lot of fun producing this movie!


spxroom6 said...

A great way to show the Pacific Island culture that is alive in G.I.
We are also G.I. Fans!!!!

Room14 said...

Heya GI fans,

The best and first thing that came to my mind was that You guys really care about the Glen Innes enviroment. You guys truely rock!!!!! Who wouldn't wanna be a GI fan?


Room14 said...

Hi room17,
I love your movie it was very interesting because I love our place just aswell as everybody else.Ka pai.


AlExIs said...

hi gi fans

nice job

AlExIs said...

hi gi fans

nice job

Rave said...

Hi GI fans,
I liked your wonderful movie about going everywhere,around GI.

From Rave in Room Ten.

Sela said...

Hi G.I Fans,
I liked watching your movie about going everywhere Wow!! you all looked
like yous had a fantastic time.
From Sela In rm10 PT England