Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day One at Tamaki Tech.

Check out our very first experience of Tech at Tamaki College...


Manaiakalani said...

Thanks for showing us what happens at Tech Room 20. I had been hoping that someone would take a camera along. Now, if only we could get to share the food as well :)

Melville Intermediate School said...

Room 20 - I am very lucky to have been to Tamaki College and seen the Technology Rooms, but what I really like about this video is that if you haven't had that experience then this would show you exactly what goes on. I am sure that you have shown this to the Tamaki College teachers and I am sure that they were very impressed by the level of work that you are able to produce. Mrs Burt is right what about producing a plate of food for the teachers at Point England School and then taking it back every week! That way you can share your work with them!
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate Schol, Hamilton, Waikato.

Victoria said...

Hey cooking group.

I wish I was there to have some. you really know how to cook. I just wish if I could have some. see you soon.. bye.


pescribes said...

Dear Room 20,

That was a cool video.
I hope to see another one soon.

From Shalom.

Omni said...

Nice to see what you guy's have been up to. Say hello to ms tito for me.

Blog you later

Anonymous said...

I use to go to Tamakai Tec when i was in intermediate its cool.I loved cooking class and metal work. Make sure you bring some recipes home Kalim u can try out your cooking on us YUM :)

Penny ( Kalims Mum

Room 18 said...


I really like your day at TamakiTech.


Mao said...

Hi Room 19,
Your movie was great to watch because I can't wait to be Year 7 and go to Tamaki College for tech too.

From Mao

teinakura said...

hey room 20. it sounds like you had an exiting time at tech .i know what its like at tech ... byebye for now.

Te Roimata said...

Hi room 20

I really enjoy your day at Tamaki Tech.It really look fun cooking.

from Te Roimata.

Muamua said...

Hi Room 20
I like that you made a move
about cooking some food. It
looked yummy.

from Muamua

Hifo and Grace said...

Hey guys
Seems like fun at Tamaki college.
We had our own experience there.
We now go to tamaki intermedite for tech.
I like your beginnng and your song (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL)
From Hifo and Grace

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kobe said...

Cool Room 20 the food looked nice at the end i wish i was there.

pescribes said...

Hi there Rm 20

That was a nice movie of yours.
Keep up the good work.