Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cyber Coach

Yesterday we were told that the Year 7's were in for a surprise! And surprised we were when we got to the Hall and were introduced to Cyber Coaching.
It was similar to 'Jump Jam' but there was a huge variety of programmes that you could choose - from Combat to Cheerleading. Whatever you selected a Coach would teach you step by step and take you through either a series of exercises or teach a routine.
Check it out and you'll see what a fantastic time we had.


Sela Room10 @ PT England said...

Hi Room 20,
I liked watching your movie about dancing practise,it looked like yous had fun.I wonder if yous could teach me how to dance like that?

From Sela Rm10@PT England

Manaiakalani said...

ok, now you have got me REALLY curious! It looked like you were having fun, and I overheard Mr Burt and Mrs Nua talking about Cyber Coaching....BUT, I still don't know what it is!
Please explain some more :)
Mrs Burt

Racheal said...

I enjoyed Cyber Coaching,I hope that we can get to do more of those excersices. My favourite excersice was cheerleading and Hip Hop (Robot). We were lucky because we were the first school in NEW ZEALAND to try Cyber coaching out. I could see that it was fun for all ages, even Mrs Nua and Ms Tito enjoyed it.I hope Mr Burt buys it, butI heard it costs thousands and thousands of dollars.
Keep up the fantastic work

Hosannah said...

Hey RM20, I really liked your jump jam and I can see you all were puffing out but that is a very good to do. I know you were all having alot of fun. KEEP IT UP!

Chris said...

Hi everyone, I am Chris from New York City. You look like you were having a great time in your video. However, I am not sure what cyber coaching is? Is the instructor completely automated? Or is your teacher using a microphone and instructing you what to do? Either way it looks really fun and I wish my physical education classes were like that.

Room20 said...

Hi there Chris this is Room 20.
Yes you're right we loved Cyber Coach. And yes the instructor was completely automated, kind of like an Exercise DVD but with a huge variety of activities and each one has it's own specialised instructor. So no not our teacher she joined in with us too.

Thank you SO much for leaving a comment we hope to hear more from you.

Sincerly Bobbi- Grace from Room 20

klauridsen said...

Hey there guys
It's Mrs L from Awahou school, this looks cool. Maybe you could show us how to do this when we visit. We do jump jam so we think are pretty coordinated
Catch ya