Friday, August 6, 2010

Eye Witness of an Eruption.

It was 3p.m on a Wednesday with every one still doing there daily jobs. I had perched myself on my front door step. Suddenly I felt a cold breeze of wind and a sudden movement beneath the ground.I heard a loud BANG!!! that knocked me off my feet.
There I was witnessing Maunga Loa erupt. We were all frightened because it was the largest and most active volcano in the world. Most people got out of sight from the volcano but some didn't. The survivor's could do nothing but stand there and watch their town being destroyed and the tremendous lava flows demolishing everything in its sight.

By Charm


Mrs Tofa said...

I really like the way you have chosen the verbs to use in your writing. They give off a real sense of fear about a volcano erupting. Well done.

klauridsen said...

Is this a true event or made up? Room 3 Awahou