Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Hayne Plane

This is a movie about the a man in the NRL who's got LEGAND written all over him that's right I'm talking about the Hayne Plane. Take a look at our movie and see why Jarryd Hayne is the MAN.


Waata said...

Hi Boys,

Great movie about the magnificent Hayne Plane or Hayne Train whatever you like to call him, hes got a brilliant step, he can run around spedsters and guess what he is my Favrouite NRL player ever .

By Waata

Darius said...

Hi boys,

Great movie about the hayne plane and he is one of the greatest players in NRL . Well hope you can make another movie about a great player. Love your music to it was great.

Anyway keep the good work up.

Feki said...

Wow, The Hayne Plane is probably my favourite fullback besides Lance Hohaia.
The was a really amazing movie.