Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Strive to Succeed!

This movie is reflective look at our year to date, as the first ever Year 7's at Pt England School.
Our soundtrack is a remix of an original song composed by our very own music teacher Mr J.

Credit must got to the following for their involvement in this project;
Rap Artists - Semiliu and Charm
Vocalists - Bobbi- Grace and Kalim
Cameramen- Cruz, Pauitia and Rayden
Editing- Tanielu
Producers - Cruz and Paulitia

And finally thanks to Ms M for inspiring us to refine our movie making skills.


Room 14 said...

Hi Room 20
We really liked the way that you guys talked all abut being a year 7 and showed us some great clips and photos of you in action.
Who wrote the lyrics for the song? We thought it was solid!
Whose brainy idea was it to remix Mr J's song?
We loved how you sang all about striving to succeed - our school motto!
That was fabulous - imagine what you can do in year 8!

Tracey said...

Hey room 20 love your movie. love your voice bobie and kalim. I like it how the song was all about striving to succes.awsome movie guys nice and keep up the good work.

Henry Tumanuvao said...

hello room 20
that was a cool movie i very liked it and the rap. thats what you call a singing and rapping. well keep up the good work.

Mrs Tofa said...

Awesome movie. Very well presented and sound was good. Sure was a lot of fun viewing your movie.

Talanoa Mai said...

Malo lava Room 20! I loved the track you created, very good lyrics and tune. Well done. The movie I enjoyed very much as it highlighted the many neat things your class does - not only for one another but also our whole school. Your movie certainly reflects the creative and very caring children you are. Continue to strive to succeed! You make a difference : )

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Kia Ora Room 20,
We really enjoyed watching your movie. We didn't get to see it at Sylvia Park so we watched it in the hall on the projector and we all thought it was really cool. We liked the song and they lyrics were amazing. You should be proud!!!

Miss Lavakula and Room 10

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Room 20

What a talented group! Loved the singing and remix of Mr J's song. Very cool! Thank you for all the good work you have done for our school as Year 7's, and for helping to look after the little ones.

Room 2 kids and Miss Wild said...

Kia Ora - Room 2 kids here. We thought Bobbi-Grace, Kalim and Sam were fantastic singers - in fact we thought maybe you will be famous one day!! We liked your message about being kind and role models to help the little kids like us!!!
Room 2

Mauina said...

HI Rm 20 I really LOVED your movie it is a very good movie to set a good example to the little ones to SRIVE TO SUCCEED!!!!

Hossain said...

Hi Room 20
Great song and my favourite song now is yours.
Fantastic work Room 20.
I hope you do well next year for the Maiakalani Film

Hossain said...

Hi Room 20
Great song and my favourite song now is yours.
Fantastic work Room 20.
I hope you do well next year for the Maiakalani Film

Rangi said...

Your theme looked good. Your singing is fantastic.

Rangi said...

Your theme looked good. Your singing is fantastic.

Russell Burt said...

Guess what Room 2o? I'm typing this comment on one of the new netbooks. Pretty cool aye!
I loved your movie and the sentiments you expressed. Well done all. Love your work.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi there!

We never got to see your movie on big screen but my class and I watched it online! We love your words and acting!

Mrs She and Room 7 .

Jaylee said...

Hi Room 20
I loved youre movie or video clip i should say you guys and girls had awesome speaking it was really clear


Lavinia said...

Hi Room 20

Your movie was awesome.
Your track/remix was really good. I loved listening to it.
Wow! to be the first year 7's at Point England, well that's just awesome!

Keep up the good work and I hope to see more.

Vivienne said...

Hi Room 20,
I like the way that you guys talked about being a year7.
You showed interesting pictures and animation. I thought it was amazing. I like the rap. Any way keep up the great work.

Ashleigh said...

Hi Room 20
You guys rock. Love your vocals and the rapping. I tink it is cool that we can have year 7's at our school. Good work in puttting that film toghter. Keep up the exlent work.


THORA said...

Hi room 20
That was really cool I like your singing and raping.

Lance Murch said...

Great work Room 20. You are our future!! Kia kaha

Anonymous said...

Well Done!! You guys are so awsome to watch, good to see such confidence and talent in your speaking ,acting, singing. Love seeing you in there Kalim.You make me proud!
Love Nanna, God Bless you guys

Jahzara said...

that was really cool I can't wait to be a year 7
anyways that's what you call a movie and what you call striving to succeed
from jahzara