Thursday, April 14, 2011


In this wacky term, our AWESOME teacher Mrs Nua, gave us a task to do. She said that we had to make a small snippet of one our Pt England School Values!!!!!!!!! Me and Kayde(My Buddy) decided to do this year's theme throughout this, RESPONSIBILITY!!! In this movie, it shows and reminds people of how, Responsibility is a very important value!!!!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it(:


Eryn said...

Hi Room 20... love your new post on Responsibility... Its awesome...To have classroom and school Values and know what they are is great and I think the examples you gave were cool...
My name is Eryn and I am a student at teachers college in Christchurch. I love the way you are using Technology in the classroom. I hope you have a great day..Keep up the good work!

t said...

hI JOSH KAyde ans tyler p

I really like the movie boys it is a very funny movie and I also like the song because the rock is the man.


room20 said...

I like the story of responsibility it is awesome ceep it up.