Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Typing Challenge

Can you beat me Room 20?


Miss G said...

Yes Mrs Nua I can beat you.....I got 59 words a minute :-)

I wonder if anyone in Room 20 can beat me?

Miss G

tule said...

Yes Mrs Nua I can beat your class I got 35 words:)

can anybody beat me?


Henry said...

Hey room 20
I just want to say that i like this post and want to know how much anyone of you's scored?. My highest score was 50 can you beat that?

Brandon Hasting said...

Twenty five words a minuet that is a pretty good number. My best score, after about 8 or 9 tries was only 23. So be proud of yourself.

Michelle Eggins Pickering said...

Hi room20
Yes I can beat it,and I think you should get everyone to beat 64 words.

Henry T said...

Hi again.
Im commenting to show you guys my score in this typing test. well here you go.