Monday, May 7, 2012

Last week was our Annual Year 7 and 8 camp. Once again our school field was transformed in to tent city for the week as 150 of us spent 2 nights experiencing the great outdoors right here in our own backyard.
During the first two days we completed a Rotation of various activities that gave us the opportunity to try new experiences and have lots of fun. The PE version of the Amazing Race was a favourite for many and involved, among other things, a team finding and assembling a hobo stove over a fire to cook an egg!
The ultimate highlight for many was undoubtedly the arrival of the Warriors at Swimarama. How surprised and excited we were to get to share the pool with our heroes. We splashed cheered and generally created quite a scene.

Exhausted and ready for our own beds we headed for home with some great memories and looking forward to doing it all over again next year.


Jeffrey said...

Hello Room 22,
It sounds like your school camp was fun, seeing the Warriors at the pool sounds like it was a cool experience. I hope your year 8/7 students had a lot of fun.

Arapeta Henry said...

HI Room 22,
It sounds like your school camp was cool as. I liked how use used describing words of meeting the warriors and it must of been amazing sharing the pools with them. I hope your year 7/8 students had a lot of fun :)

FLi said...

Your trip was really exciting. All the activities you joined were great. Our school had trips to Camp Mason in New Jersey every year. I went last time, and it was great too. We stayed there for 2days and 1night. There were many outdoor activities as well, such as Zipline, hiking, fireworks, giant swing, climbing, and etc.

reremoanaroom132012 said...

Hey room 22,
I love how your camp is held on your field! I would love to try that some time! But I bet tenting would be very cold so I would prefer the cabins. We are going to camp in Term 4. We are all looking forward to it. So if you keep checking into our blog at you might see some camp photos coming up.
Reremoana School

Mele said...

Hi Room 22,

Sounds like you had fun at camp, seeing the Warriors at the pool was a really cool experience wasn't it. Hope that everybody in your class enjoyed the camp, like how I did.

Keep up the great work.