Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Calvin's Back!

One the first day of school we started off writing a simple sentence about how we were feeling and then added to it. Here is an example form Calvin.

WALT:add detail to my sentences.

While I was walking to school, I was a bit anxious and hoping that I wouldn't be in a class with friends that could steer me in the wrong direction. not to mention a boring class. 

I went to the hall for our school Immersion assembly. I saw lots of my friends, even ones from a whole range of schools.
Embarrasing ...I ended up in the wrong class for the first half of the day, because there were two calvin's and I went to the wrong Calvin's class. The rest of the day was better as I settled into my proper class.

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Sione said...

Nice Story Calvin thats funny how you went in to a different class instead of our class