Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Brief Reflection

After a week of filming and ubiquity, we finally completed our movie. We worked really well together, only arguing about a few things once or twice. But now we have to ask ourselves; How well did we manage?

Personally, I think my group did exceptionally well on managing our time and working independently. We stuck criteria and made a great MTV in the time frame we were given. I helped out more specifically with the filming, editing and planning. Lots of the scenarios and ideas in our movie was created by me. I appeared the least amount of times in the movie since I worked particularly behind the scenes.

When it comes down to managing myself, I think I did a pretty good job, especially as apart of the group. I was there to kick my friends when we went off task so we were able to finish on time and move onto the next thing on our list. Editing was probably the task that I managed myself the most with, I focused solely on finishing the movie so we worked more quickly than we thought we would and got a lot done.

If my group had to do something better, I think it would be all doing something at once. Some of our group members started to mess around when they were not needed. It would had been better if we got each other to work on something else while we worked on the movie. Other than that, I think we did pretty good on our movie and managing ourselves. We got a 17 out of 20 on our rubric which is pretty impressive.


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