Monday, April 6, 2009

This term the Pt England Senior School had a great experience camping out on our school field in tents and doing lots of different activities to challenge ourselves and to learn to work together as part of a group. We all had a great time and have created some animations to share our highlights. We hope you enjoy them here is the first of many.


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...
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Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Malo Henry,
Great job creating this animation to share your camp highlight. I'm impressed with the way your backing track compliments it so nicely. I loved rockclimbing too but I don't have the strength or the power like you do, to actually get to the top.
Keep up the good writing I'll look forward to more.
Mrs Nua

jordan said...

Talofa Henry I Really like your animation It is a really Authentic
one two.

keep up the good work
by jordan
rm 17

Latu said...

Talofa Henry.I really loved the way you put alot of effort in to your movie I sure wish was an artist as much as you were.You sure are a fast climber it sure shows how fast you went I wish I had gone as fast as you went. What I really enjoyed was your back track and how you were speaking really clearly while you were saying your voiceover.

What was your favourite wall you climbed?


Casey said...

Cool Henry Rockclimbing was my best activity too.Your movie is great.

Keep it up

Etta said...

Hi Henry its Etta from room 17 your class i really liked the drawing because it has been drawn iffectevly it looks really realystic by the way cool animation i really liked it

By Etta

Mr Brown said...

Kia ora Henry, Well done on completing a fantastic animation, I can't wait until next term and see what other creative ideas that you can come up with. Keep up the great work.

Mr Brown

Russell Burt said...

Hey Henry
Awesome animation Bud. Honestly, I think your artwork ROCKS! -And I like the way you've made the movements quite realistic. Well done!
I'm proud of your work.

Russell Burt

spxroom6 said...

Good job Point England, I really liked the animation.

from Paul

victoria T said...

Hi Henry

That was a great anamation you did and i did not know that you are the fastest rockclimer in you team. i was joking. Anyway hope you do another movie. see you later.


Tevita Rm17 said...

Hey hennry what a great movie i really like your moveing and your song.And your animation it really fantastic.I like your drawing and i can not wait to see your next animation.

Zane said...

That was are nice movie there at Camp Aratika I like rock climbing too.

keep it up.

Zane said...

That was are nice movie there at Camp Aratika I like rock climbing too.

keep it up.