Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Close Up with the Cup.

Have you ever had a photo with the cup?. Pt England has, but this wasn't any ordinary cup, this was the Rugby League World Cup.
I bet you're wondering what the World Cup was doing at Pt England School.
Well, because we were Rugby League Champions ourselves last year, our teams won breakfast with the World Cup. So, they set off to do training with some special coaches. But before they went out to play they started their day with a healthy breakfast with Reuben Wiki!!

So that's how we got to see the Rugby League World Cup and take photos feeling like we were famous .
By Ngaina


Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Room 17

Cool Photo! Well done once again to our PES rugby league champs for winning a breakfast with Rueben Wiki. I know that the students in room 18 couldn't stop talking about it! Wasn't it cool when Rueben Wiki was on PENN reading out the sports news!

Mrs Lagitupu

Manaiakalani said...

Hey - where's my photo? I hope it is safe somewhere because I am looking forward to printing it out :)
Great writing Ngaina. Good on you for getting it online so quickly to let everyone know about this fabulous event at Pt England. I loved seeinf Ruben Wiki present the sports news on PENN!
Mrs Burt

Mauina said...

WOW Ngaina you have really wrote alot about the " Rugby leauge World cup I really hope that it comes back so that we can feel like CHAMPIONS again!!1

Casey said...

What a nice looking cup.The Kiwi's have been working hard for the cup.

Keep it up

Etta said...

WOW Ngaina you have put a lot of effort in to writting this story for every one to see.I really liked the picture it looks really nice on the thought who took the picture?Please comment back to me im in your class

From your freind Etta

Mr Brown said...

Good reporting Ngaina!! I just wish I was there, and dazzle Rueben Wiki and the team with my AWESOME skills!!

Well maybe not - but I could dream!! Keep up the great writing, and don't let your dreams fade...

All the best for your sporting future

Ka kite ano

Mr Brown

Shontal said...

Hey Room 17 Girls

Good picture with the kiwis cup that picture was so cool and the story is so cool keep it up

Tracey said...

Hey Ngaina i think i've had a photo with the rugby league world cup.That was an awsome photo and wasn't it cool when Rueben wiki was doing sports news! from Tracey