Friday, June 26, 2009

The hardest game ever!

Every Thursday night Pt England Netballers go up to the Auckland Netball Courts and play some really hard games. Last night our J1 s had another great battle against the Auckland Netball Centre (ANC) Year 6's. It was a very hard game but we played really well and never gave up chasing the ball. When the buzzer went for full time the final score was 15 to to us and 20 to them. Our player of the day was Latu she really deserved it.

By Maree.


Mrs Tele'a said...

Hello Maree. Thanks for sharing about your game. I was there at the courts though I couldn't watch as I was watching Toreka's team. I'm glad that your team worked hard - right up to the final buzzer. That's a very good way to perform in sports, never giving up.
Mr Burt shared at our school assembly about how tough your team's game was.
Keep up the good work Maree.

Vaha said...

Hi there Maree that musted been a really tough game.I'm glad that your team worked hard and never gave up chasing after the ball.

Reina said...

Hello Maree

WOW"That game sounds great I wish i was there you have a great memory.
You also have alot of details of what you a writing.

P.S Reina

Mauina said...

HEY Maree we did really give it our best it is really cool that we have a good coach Ashley has been very kind giving us magazines!!!