Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Coldest Day Ever!

It was exceptionally cold and there was a beautiful blanket of frost on our field the other morning. The following is a collection of our sentences that we decided were our best!!

I felt really cold, I was like a penguin in Antarctica.
By April.
The bark from the tree was slippery like ice.
By Casey.
Every time I breathed into the air it looked like fog was coming out of my mouth.
By Charm.
When I placed my hand on the wall it felt cold and wet.
By Etta.
It sent goose bumps through my hands because it was sooooo cold.
By Feki.
April and I made foot prints in the cold, icy grass.
By Gabby.
I knew it was cold because I saw a lot of fog come off the lake.
By Mauina.
I walked down to the playground, I was feeling like we Rm 17 were red and black penguins strolling to the Antarctica but it was at school.
By Nathaniel.
As Rm 17 strolled to see the ice beside the playground on the field it looked like it was an ice hockey stadium because the field was covered in sparkly ice.
By Jonty.
I could feel the breeze, it was so chilly!
By Latu.
As my class were strolling to the playground you could see ice on the field and on the playground. If you took off your shoes and played on the grass your feet got numb and you couldn't feel it.
By Zane.
It felt like I was a human ice block.
By Sione.
When I touched the grass my hand got very cold.
By Tevita.
As I swiped my hand on the cold icy grass it froze my fingers together.
By Henry.
As I was strolling on the field it was wet and it looked like a huge sheet of sugar.
By Tracey Matina Vaine.


Mrs Tele'a said...

I love your sentences Room 17! Wow! Each sentence gave me different pictures in my head. Tracey - I like your 'sheet of sugar'. I hope you are enjoying making up these sentences, I certainly enjoyed reading them. You have reminded me to be a lot more thoughtful when writing even just one sentence. Your individual sentences are powerful, you hav selected your words well. Keep it going Room 17. Malo lava.

Anonymous said...

Good work every one who put good efort into there work.You made your writting make better scence and i enjoyed reading what you have done.


Sharon said...

Hi Gabby,April and latu

you guys have some cool sentences about the coldest day ever.
April i like the way you said that it was like you were a penguin in Antartica.


Hi Vaine and Tracey

Nice piece of writting that you's to did there.
you guys rock! Do you think you guys can you guys teach me how to write some good sentences?
Because those sentences were awsome.Wellbye for now and keep the good work up

Bye for now


reina said...

Hi Mauina

Wow great story i like the way you put alot of
Interesting words in it.
You put alot of efort in your work.

P.S Reina

Reina said...

Hi April

WOW!!i didn't realise it would of felt like that wow you have great details on what you a writing.

P.S Reina

Room 15 Pt England School said...

Were your feet cold on that day you went out to the feld. by ilalio

ilalio said...

HI zane

why was it cold for were you in the forist