Friday, July 24, 2009


Dinosaurs were big and mighty.

I know that some were huge and spikey.

No one knows if their teeth were sharp and shiny.

Omnivores were humongous and heavy.

Some were large and definitely bitey.

A dinosaur that I know is very big and often scary.

Unbelievable to think, that they have all become extinct.

Roar - their mouths were stink and smelly.

Some had teeth that were rotten and turned things into jelly

By Sharon


casey said...

Nice anmation you made Sharon that is so cool by the way i like the dinosaur your done and the the backround to. By Casey Tumataiki

Maree/Room17 said...

Hi Sharon wow your moive is just amazing it is really cool I kept watching it I was just blowen away.
Can't wait for some post from you.
Well Done!

Bye For Now.