Saturday, August 22, 2009

Immersion Assembly Movie


Mrs Burt said...

You people in Room 17 have done a wonderful job of recreating scenes from the immersion assembly. You have brought a big smile to my face as I watched through your animations and listened to some of your descriptions of what was happening. This is such an inspiring topic we are learning about isn't it!!! And the teachers are pretty cool entering into the spirit of it with their amazing costumes. I am glad you have appreciated it :)

Miss Garden said...

Love the animations. Sione's animation of Shrek walking towards us is fantastic - so hard to get those legs looking like they are moving, well done. Latu and Jonty I like the way you turned your gingerbread man around and we saw it from front and side. You are very clever.
Miss Garden

Tanielu said...

Cool anamations guys! I loved watching all of your anamations on the teachers that dressed up in all sorts of wierd and creepy costumes!!

Hey Sione could you teach me how to draw like that!?!? Hope to see more of your awesome and creative movies!!

Keep up the fantastic work!!

From Tanielu

Erene and Casey said...

Hello Room17
I really enjoyed watching your animations.
You guys must of spent a whole lot of time to prepare your animations.
very nice work....
Keep it up

Mrs Tele'a said...

Oka le manaia! I loved your movie. My favourite part was that of that wicked queen with her mirror and heart. I thought it was great how you changed the scenes with a variety of long and close up shots. You are becoming very good at using hyperstudio to animate.
Keep it going Room 17. Malo lava tamaiti.
Mrs Tele'a

Etta said...

Hey room17 i really liked your cool animations about the immersion assembly it aws awssem.All of the costumes that you drew looked just liked the real costumes.Well done Latu and jonty great body moving like your legs and face how you turn it and face it to the front.


Turuhira said...

Wow!Room 17 your animations are intresting.I like it how your drawing moves it legs.Casey you have a good animation.You did a great job.

Keep it up.
By Turuhira.

Etta said...

Hey room 17 i really liked your guys animations it was awseom and i mean really awseom.Great jop.


Anthony Capps said...

This is phenomenal! Y'all are so fortunate to be able to spend so much time expressing your limitless creativity with your amazing talents. I was exceptionally impressed with your animation-- it makes me wish I could have gone to the assembly myself!
I am studying at the University of South Alabama to become an elementary teacher. I am grateful that Dr. Strange tipped me off to your website. Please continue to inspire!

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