Friday, August 14, 2009

Jonty the player of the day

When I heard that Jonty scored the double , I was amazed that he got two player of the days on the very same day - I was so ecstatic about it. Mr Palmer spoke out and told us the score was 51 to 7 our whole school was amazed at our rugby boys WOW but when I heard Jontys name for player of the day I was so blown away ''he must be a really good player I thought to my self."

Then Mr Jacobsen announced the SOCCER there were 5 games played Pt England drew 1 and won 4. Mr Jacobsen said the soccer player who stood out was the boy who already got Player of the Day Jonty again! My ears couldn't believe it - two 'Player of the Day' certificates WOW, soccer and rugby must a great player!
Well until the next time I write about sport - see you.


Room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Sione,
That was really cool of you to write about your friend Jonty being player of the day, twice in one day. It was great to read too because I was away that day too. Keep up the great writing Sione.

Miss Lavakula

Manaiakalani said...

What a generous report you have written Sione. It sounds like Jonty has been outstandingly successful. I love the animation that accompanies this too. Very slick!
Mrs Burt

Casey Rm17 said...

Good work Tamati I like the style of your movement.Keep it up and good work

Serena said...

You have a cool movie. I like your pictures

Mr Palmer said...

Hi Sione,
It's great that people who play sport and do other things together encourage each other just like you are doing here.

Moses said...

Well Tamati by looking at that I can just find out why Jonty got player of the day. He made every tackle and got A few try's too. Your animation was great just love it and thanks for posting me a comment on my blog.

From Moses

Sylvia and Reina said...

Hey Sione

It's just Sylvia anyway I just wanted to say well that was a great story that you wrote you a very talented I guess well that is all the time I got for now but I can't wait until your next great post well bye for now.

From Sylvia and Reina.
Keep up the great work Sione!!!

Jarna said...

Hey Sione,

That was a very nice thing you wrote about Jonty so did you ever get a player of the day?Anyway have you read Room 15s blogs if have read one of them you should check again.

Well done Sione tht was great.

your sincerely Jarna

Etta said...

Hi Sione,
That was really cool of you to write about Jonty being player of the day.It was really great to read because some teachers were away and they could find out how Jonty got player of the day.


Tevita Rm17 said...

Well Tamati you have did a good job at animating Jontys player of the day I have injoyed the movie.

Keep it up

Raeleigh said...

Hey Sione,
that wasn't really good but I like rugby a lot.