Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Critters Market Day

What a fantastic event this turned out to be. A great deal of effort, a lot of thought and certainly a tonne of creativity, meant that the inaugural Year 7 'Little Critter Market Day' was a huge success.
Thanks to Mrs Tele'a for capturing some of the action!

Market Day from KPE TV on Vimeo.


Sela Room 10 said...

Talofa Rm20,

I loved the movie,I also liked the cup cake that made me excited. That was a great movie guys. I liked the part when yous guys tryed very hard
to make those food.
That was a cool day on Monday, thanks for sharing keep it up.
That made me amazed.

From sela Room 10@ PT England School

Eryn said...

The Little Critters Market Day looks like great fun with some serious yummy baking to be had..Is it a fundraiser? Hi all my name is Eryn and I am a student of Primary Teaching at Christchurch College of Education.. I love how you are using technology to write blogs and stories about your life in school and also about the things that interest you.. I think baking is a great way to learn about measurement and time and patience .. while you wait for things to cool down... keep up your awesome work ..

Eryn said...

The Little Critters Market day looks like great fun... some serious looking yummy baking on sale... Hi all, my name is Eryn and I am a student at Teachers College in Christchurch. I like the way you are using Technology in the classroom to record the goings on in your great school..keep up the great work. .is the day for fundraising for a camp?