Thursday, February 10, 2011


In the first day of school we started using net books! It was an exciting feeling that we shared together, as we opened the laptops for the very first time. Even though we had Internet issues, we didn't let that problem get us down.
Up top are the first thoughts that came in to our minds when we explored the net books!


PES Blog Owner said...

Very cool Room 20. I like the way you chose to display this with Comic Life.

All the best

Mrs Burt

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Room 20

It was a very exciting time when the netbooks arrived in our class. I'm glad to see that you all were just as excited as we were. I like the way that you have shared some photos capturing the moment using comic life.

Keep up the great work

Mrs L

Nevyn said...

Who's the good looking guy in the middle frame? Nevin is it? ;)

I'm going to have to link that picture to my own blog. (Oh and it's "y" not "i". There's a very good reason for this).

Room 14 said...

We thought that the photo montage of the first day you got net books was awesome. We got our net books last Friday and it was really exciting although some of them went flat really fast. We would really like to read more stories about your net books.

Mrs. Barks said...

Hi Room 20, I need someone from your room to come and show me how to use comic life...what a great way to liven up pictures!

Andrew said...

Hi guys that is a very good comic it looks very professional

kobe said...

I like netbooks to there cool yeah nevyn is the man.

Frankie said...

WOW ROOM 20 I like your movie it was cool the song and it was my best song out of all of it that was good work. the song and the act and the good drawing you did.