Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cross Country Training

At nine forty we had to go Cross Country Training. Everybody was complaining because we weren't aloud to wear shoes when we got to the field. Our teacher Mrs Nua was wearing bright blue gumboots .The field was soft and moist it was like standing in quick sand but with the texture of cake mix .When we started running it was like my feet were absorbing the mud .Since the field is lower on the other side the longer we ran the more softer the soil got .The first half I jogged but then I ran faster and faster I passed some people but not as much as I hoped I was coming close to the mud puddle Mr Palmer said to run through so I did that was cool .Then I ran and ran until I passed the finish line hooray .I don't know what I came, but I think I must of came somewhere in the middle of everyone who ran .Well maybe next time I'll come first, second or third.

By Synergy


Mrs Nua said...

Well done Synergy,
I like the descriptive language you have used. What a great start to our blog! Keep up the great writing!
Ko koe he kaituhi!

Manaiakalani said...

I loved your writing Synergy. It was so descriptive I could just imagine what it was like for you. And good on you for running so well too.
Mrs Burt

Shyarn room17 said...

Hi Synergy, Nice writing.
I liked the descriptive language you used!

Shyarn room17

Tamaki College said...

i loved your description of the mud. i could almost hear it...
Miss Ferguson
Tamaki College

Pt England Scribes said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog. Wow, you are a very good scribe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Synergy,I like your descriptive writing.Well Done Keep It Up!!!
from Robin.