Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cross Country

I felt nervous as the 10 year old boys were up next. As we got to the start line my legs started to wiggle, my tummy tiggled like there were butterflies in it. Snap! Everyone sprinted off except for Jayden and I. When I got up to the first cone mud squeezed in to my toes.

As I got out of the school grounds, splash! Mud all over my legs...

By Jama'l


pt england scribes said...

Hi Jamal, were you tired when you were finished?
From Kingston L

meliame,mary,lucy.. said...

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SaY Hi To aLl tHe sTuDeNtS aNd AlL tHe TeAcHeRs..

DiD U eNjOy uR CrOsScOuNtRy RuN..

Anonymous said...

Wow Jama'l

Great story about the cross country.Iknow their where a lot of mud on the grass.You and Jayden must of done well on the cross country.

From Kathleen

Shontal said...

Wow that story is pretty cool because keep it up