Friday, September 19, 2008

Cross Country Training

WOW! Yesterday I felt a bit nervous as I sat down on the cold concrete waiting for the beginning of Cross Country. First we watched the new Entrants do their run, well I didn't really see them run because my view was blocked by a sea of heads in front of me, but I thought they were pretty fast.
Then I waited for our turn to run the long course. All too quickly, the time came! We had to stand up and line up on the starting line... Then Mrs Lagitupu said "On your marks, get set. GO!"
Off I went down to the tree, past Val over to the wooden monkey bars, along the fence through the gap and over the log, up on to the big field, onto the squishy mud, and finally on to the finish line.
The people who came first were Alisi in the 11 year old girls, then Simone and I can't remember who was 3rd, but I do know Brennah was fourth!
After all that I felt great! I was glad that I had finished. My training through the term had paid off!

By Aoina


pesroom10 said...

Hi Aoina,
What a great piece of writing. I liked the way you said it looked like a sea of heads, that was very interesting. Keep up the great work.
Miss Lavakula

mrs lagitupu said...

Hi Aoina

As I read your writing, I couldn't help feeling very proud of you. Your writing has improved so much since last year and it was very interesting to read. Awesome work!