Monday, December 8, 2008

Camp Bentzon Abseiling

Camp was the best! Especially when we went abseiling. I was shaking just thinking about it. It was finally my turn. First they had to put some kind of safety gear on me, then I had to climb, every step I took to the top was frightening. When I finally reached the top I was relieved, then I got told I had to go down. I wasn't as scared because I couldn't see the ground, except I was a bit nervous because I didn't trust the lady holding the safety rope. As I went down the abseiling tower I was imagining how high I was. My heart was pounding.
When I got to the bottom, I was glad it was all over!

By Synergy


pesroom10 said...

Hi Synergy,
What a great piece of writing. I haven't been abseiling yet but I bet it is scary! Would you do it again?

Miss Lavakula

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Synergy

That sounds like it was quite an experience! I have been enjoying hearing about Camp Bentzn as it is quite a while since I got to go there. I think you were very brave abseiling as I am scared of heights and don't even go up tall buildings if I can help it :)
Mrs Burt

Room 18 said...

Hi Synergy,

Great writing. The abseiling wall at camp was quite high. Well done for facing your fears and giving it a go!

Mrs Lagitupu

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