Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diving with Dad!

Two weeks ago I went diving with my dad.We went to Army bay.To get there we had to go over the Harbour bridge.
When we got there we went out where it was deep.Then we dived under and found lots of kina.We filled the bucket until it got to the top.The last kina that we were going to get was huge I touched it and I said "oww" because I pricked my finger with its spikes.Then my Dad got it.We had lots and I said "yum".
I can't wait until we go again,because we are going to have the special gear next time.

by Casey


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Well done Casey, our first post for the year. Kina are very spikey aren't they. I bet you are looking forward to getting the rest of the diving gear and getting some kaimoana that live deeper down under!

Mrs Nua

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Casey
What a very cool day you had and you wrote such an interesting description of it. Sounds like you found a very good spot to dive in. How is your finger now? Kina pricks can be very painful.
Mrs Burt

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hello Casey,
we've just finished reading your story with half of your class in the ICT centre.

I really enjoyed the part of your story where you talked about touching a kina.

I don't eat them myself but I can remember as a child always having to help pack up all the rubbish with my parents after everyone has a good feed of kinas.

Do you like eating them?

I'm looking forward to your next post, maybe you could tell us about other types of seafood you enjoy eating.

Mrs Tele'a

Room 17 said...

Hi Casey. What a cool day, I wish I had a lot of kinas to eat. You sound like you were having fun.

Did you eat all the kina's?

Were you nervous about diving?

Does your Dad do this all the time?

We are looking forward to your answers.

Room 17

feki said...

hi casey cool story about kinas
what kind of special gear are you
taking next time your go to army bay?
see you around.

Henry said...

Hey Casey,
Did you have a great time over there? How was the kina its pretty yuk.Did you go for a swim in the deep water or close to the deep water, man that's got to be freaky .Swimming close to the harbour bridge is really deep you know oh well at least you had a great time having a dive with your dad and eating the kina. I can remember eating a kina with my dad when I went for a swim.Have a great day Casey see you.
By Henry

jordan said...

Hi casey i really like your story do you eat lots of kina

Feki said...

Sorry casey about that mistake it was suposed to say (you go to Army bay). Keep up the good work.

Mauina said...

What kind of special gear are you taking next time? Do you have a mark were the kina poked you???

Casey said...

I think i did relly well with my movie.

Chris Brown said...

Cool Casey i really love your story about diving great work.