Thursday, November 20, 2008


Smell's like sea salt water

Taste's like salty water from the beach

Feel's like i'm all alone

Sound's like a group of violin's

Looks like everything is gone from me

By Shyarn

Look's like everything is gone from me


Manaiakalani said...

I really like the phrase "sounds like a group of violins..." as I can imagine a really sad piece of music playing. And "looks like everything is gone from me..." is VERY sad. You have some powerful writing here Shyarn. Keep it up!
Mrs Burt

Faye Room17 said...

Watz up shyarn I love reading your poem about sadness

Keep up the good work

Talanoa Mai said...

Wow Shyarn! I loved your poem. The way you've described sadness worked well in that it reminded me of what it's like to feel sad.

I do hope you get to post another piece soon.

Mrs Tele'a

Mrs Lagitupu said...

You have some really good ideas about the theme of 'sadness'. I also like the line "sounds like a group of violins" because it reminds me of a sad scene from a movie where violin's are playing.

Good work Shyarn.

Rose said...

Hey Shyarn
I really like your poem about sea salt shyarn.And looks like everything is gone from me,very sad.keep it up and I can't wait for your next poem.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shyarn !

Nice poem ! Really liked it how you described sadness good :)

Good job !

by aLiiCee !