Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going to Mount Roskill.

We spent a huge time with my Aunt and Uncle at Maraetai Beach during the holidays.

''Hair spray'' ''Hair spray'' said my little cousin Ashlee. As we were getting comfortable in our beds and eating lots of junk food. Then I said ''Can you pause the movie?"

I went and put some of my chocolate fish in the fridge.

The next day we went to a big flying fox you can sit on.

''Ahhhhhh'' I said as I was on the flying fox. I went as fast as a cheetah. I zoomed past the two trees that my aunt was sitting underneath and bang went my big hit. It came really close to hitting my head. I kept on going again and again.

I hope to go back to Mount Roskill with my aunt and uncle again so that I can play on the big
flying fox.


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Did you really go as fast as a cheetah, it must be a freat flying fox.
I haven't seen the movie Hairspray yet did you enjoy it?

Happy writing!

Mrs Nua

jordan said...

hi gabby really Like Your story when your little cousin said hair spray hair spray did you?

Mauina and Tracey said...

Hi Gabrielle your story was amazing.Well I was reading I kind of giggled in the middle of your story.....

Mauina said...

WOW Gabby that flying fox sounds really cool I wish I had jumped on to it and gave a swing??

Mauina said...

HI GABBS I hope you didnt get crazy on the night you ate junk food?????

Casey Taloa said...

Cool Gabby i relly love your story because it hooked me in.

Keep it up.