Monday, March 23, 2009

Holiday time!!

This term we have worked on writing recounts of our holidays. Alongside this in e-learning we have planned and completed animations to share with an audience. Below are a range of animations that our class have created. We hope you will enjoy them and we look forward to your feedback.

Room 17 Tamariki


Mrs Lagitupu said...

Cool animations Jordan and Nathaniel!

It sounds like you both had a great time in the holidays. Hey Jordan, did you happen to see Leoden at the Waka Ama Nationals? He was there also in the holidays to see his big brother Latham race. So did you know anyone there who was racing?

Keep up the good work.

Mrs Lagitupu

spxroom6 said...

Nice Holiday nathanial
I sure wish i was there
From Hifo

Latu said...

WOW!Nathaniel it sure look's like you had alot of fun and I had fun watching your animation I sure wish I was there to see what was happening?
How did you manage to get through all that? FROM LATU

Casey said...

What a cool movie Nathaniel.You have been working very hard.I hope you finsh your camp movie.

Keep it up.

Latu said...

Malo sounds like you had alot of fun there was.So while you were sitting in the car did you feel bored or did you feel kind of happy and enjoying yourself with out any music or did you have music.when you got to the place you were ment to go how was it like an ho did you feel.

So how did it feel while you were watching what was going on?

Anyway keep up the great effort!

From Latu

Etta said...

Hi Nathaniel its Etta from your class i really liked your graghics that you drew it looked nice.

From Etta