Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Best Race Ever

On Sunday we went to Stonefield Drive for our Soap Box Derby. We were chattering on the way there.
As soon as we got there we rushed out of the cars and set up our pit crew. Cruz was nervous and he weighed in and he was perfect so he went up and we put the derby car on the ramp and then all you can hear is go go go for Cruz so the man yelled out 3.2.1.GO as the ramp roared like a monster.He stared poor but then he got a little faster but we saw the flag go on to Cruz's side and then Mr J yelled out !!Yahoo!! Next was Shontal she looked like she was in lots of fear but what we always say!!GIVE IT A GOOD SHOT!! and she gave it a go.Next was Jacob he went and is time was good to.Shhhhhhhhhhh Mr. Palmer said.


Etta said...

I really liked your race.On the thought who came first?Thats it from me Bye.

From Etta

Richard said...

It looks like you guys did a great job -- and I love the video. It looks like something you would see on the evening news.
The video is posted on a Soap Box Derby group in Flickr. Hopefully lots of people will see it and will look at your blog.
Great Work!

Casey Taloa said...

That race was cool it blew me away.

Keep it up

Shontal said...

Hey guy

One of the drivers here see you got the movie on your blog keep it up