Monday, March 16, 2009

Sister Agnus

Sister Agnus is from the Sisters of Mercy and she helps people
who can't afford anything. They are based in Pt England in Waddell Ave.
She gave our school some money and we still have some of that money which is pretty cool but the one thing I like about sister Agnus is she helps kids that are always sick.

Sister Agnus came to assembly because Sister Agnus was leaving Auckland so it was more like a
farewell assembly for Sister Agnus. As a gift we gave her a rose. Hopefully she will plant it in Rotorua.

We will all miss Sister Agnus.
By Jordan P


Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan
nice piece of writing, I didn't know about Sister Agnus, thats so nice of her, i bet you guys will miss her, well keep up the great work at school and keep smiling
lots of love
mum - catherine

Etta said...

HI Jordan its Etta from your class you did a nice peice of writting i really liked it on the thought keep up the good writting.

From your freind Etta

Vivienne said...

Hi Jordan its me Vivienne from Rm 13. You did a nice piece of writing.I still miss Sister Agnus do you?keep up the great work Jordan. From Vivienne

Sharon said...

Hi Jordan,

What a great story about sister Angus.
Yeah i know we are going to miss sister Angus Alot.Well i hope i see another awsome story that you have done.

Bye for now