Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Barbies from Uptown St!!

The Barbies From Uptown St!!

"Beep Beep" the speaker went the call out was for all Barbies to go to the ICT Room because we were filming our Barbie which included Kens because we were from Uptown St.

"Thump Thump", As I was walking to towards the ICT room thinking whether I had the right colour pink and the right colour blue for my jeans. As I marched through the ICT room there were a few of the crew there already and a few that were still coming.

I grabbed my bag that was with my costume and placed it in my arms and went to the toilet's to get changed. I was feeling pretty excited at this point.

When we got back the first thing we did was take pictures in photo booth. We took a few pictures before we started. Coming through the ICT room was Mrs Flavelle, so Mrs Tele'a asked her if she could put make up on each and everyone of us (even the boys!).

It was time for filming I said to Helen "ooh I've got butterflies in my tummy."
As soon as we got in Henry and I along with everyone else had to stand in our places.

Mr J finally got around three angles filming in different spots and now it was the time where he did close ups to everyones faces. Finally it wa over and done with. Out of all the takes it was 1-8 takes.

I would like to give a big thank you to Mrs Samuel's who came and took some time off and came to teach us the Uptown Girl Dance!!

By Latu


Manaiakalani said...

I can't wait to see it Latu. Mrs Tele'a emailed me a few seconds of video for a sneak preview and you all look awesome.
Mrs Burt, Sydney

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi Latu! I have enjoyed reading your post! I'm glad you have written this as you are a very talented dancer. I can remember you being in dance groups for the last couple of school productions. You and the team of Barbies and Kens were fantastic. Mrs Samuels has taught you very well. Watching you dance on stage while Mr Music Jacobsen filmed you was exciting. You all looked and danced like a group of professional dancers! I think that everyone will love your part of the school production. Hopefully we'll have a chance for you to do your dance routine live for the school.
Mrs Tele'a

Tracey said...

Hi Latu

what a great story you have Latu.you are a really great dancer.you really hook me in your story.i really hope you had the right costume.

sharon said...

Hi Latu,

What a great story that you done.You are a really great dancer.You really hooked me into your writting.
Hope thatI see another blog of yours.

From sharon