Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Most Glorious Assembly

What a great start to the term we had. As I walked into the assembly there were two barbecue boys cooking sizzling sausages, lollies flying through the air, and teachers dawdling around showing off their costumes.

We were back at school on Monday the 12 October where on the first day we always have an Immersion Assembly. This means all our teachers dress up in fancy or crazy costumes to get us into the topic. This term our topic is called 'FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD'.
The first thing I noticed was the barbecue boys. They had been cooking delicious sizzling sausages and charcoaled chicken earlier that morning. Sitting down my mouth was drooling hoping I'd get one. Lucky Latu came and gave me a juicy fat sausage. This was a most unexpected start to the day.
The highlight of this assembly for me was team 4 ,Mrs Nua was the best! She was dressed as Santa Claus she also had a sack that she was walking around with and scrambling lollies around the hall.
Leaving the hall I was thinking there's going to be another great term coming our way. I also hoped there's going to be alot of cooking because of our wonderful topic 'FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD'.
By Vaha


Manaiakalani said...

Mmmmmm, you have brought back some wonderful memories Tamaiti. I am glad you got to eat a sausage. I do hope the topic is living up to your expectations at the end of week 2.
Mrs Burt, Sydney

Bobbi-Grace R18 said...

hi vaha
Interseting post about our Assembly. Cant wait to hear another post.

From bobbi-grace