Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lollie Cake. Cinquain

Lollie cake.

Delicious, Rainbowlike.

Mixing, Munching, Crunching.

Delectable and very colourful.


By April,Gabby,Vaine,Casey,Raven


Manaiakalani said...

Mmmmmm, looks delicious! Great cinquain team. I am also eating some very yummy food here in Bahrain at the moment. Mango, dates, olives, pineapple, sweet grapefruit..... Maybe I should write a cinquain too :)
Mrs Burt

Russell Burt said...

Go Lolly Cake!
I had rock melon, pineapple, & watermelon for breakfast. The coffee was the BEST.
Loving your work. Go Pt England!

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Yummy - super sweet and delicious. I like the words you chose to describe this tasty treat!
What do you think we should bake next?
This is going to be a great term.
Mrs Nua

Jonty said...

Mmmmmm it was really deliceous i really liked the way you said rainbow like because it is what it looks like
nice work Gabby


Ocean said...

That is a fantastic cinquainyou guys done.

Tracey said...

Hey guy

Your Lolly cake look very great and delicious.That was an awsome cinquin that you's have written.keep up the good work.

Etta said...

Hi Gabrielle that is a nice piece of writting that you have written there it is realy intereting it also looks really delicious.I feel like eating it all over again.That is a really nice cinquin.