Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Magnificent Production!!

Nervously walking to the Music Room, I had butterflies in my tummy because the day was the day we show our performance to a live audience from Glen Brae School.

As I got dressed into my costume which was my troll one I felt so scared because I hadn't performed in front of the other schools during my school times. There I was walking to the school foyer thinking how many people were in there.

"The shows about to start" said Ms Tito Lewis in room 14 went around saying to people especially me because I was standing to him. The
2 MC's were Sione and Jordan after they said "they everybody its show time!" the music started to play we all walked in straight away I saw a person from church she smiled me then I smiled back.

As we started to sing I felt a little shy, but I got use to it and dance as hard as I could.  The song was nearly over I couldn't wait to put my hands in the air and wriggle them around.

First up was the Rats which were called 'PIED PIPERS' they were first up we could hear wonderful music playing from the hall it sounded like soft melody that parent of sang to us when we were cute little babies.

Following on from that was the transformers.  There music was so loud we could easily hear it from the Music Room.  During there dancing The Ugly looking trolls I was part of went up there costumes looked awesome  especially Jacobs and Bobbi-Graces they are both very talented dances.

It was time for the ugly 'TROLLS' They danced to thriller By Michael Jackson it was so cool how there reaction looked like actual trolls gliding across the stage with there legs looking like it was beginning to come off the crowed was going wild  when we stomped like a whole bunch of Elephant running away from danger.

It was time for something completely different, it was the beautiful SNOWFLAKES.  There performance was wonderful I was in line 2, NO.6. We danced to The sugar plum fairies.

There was lots more to that!.  The show was nearly over I felt so excited for the ending because I really like how we wriggle our arms in the air.  Then Mr Music J would say who was dancing or were in each performance and we would all bow. 

It was time to go home, that night was successfully done. I couldn't wait for the other 2 night to come. IT WAS AWESOME!


By Latu


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