Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The storyteller -Stu Duvall-

On a fine Tuesday morning after we had just eaten our lunch an expert came to our school, his name was Stu Duvall he was so magnificent. If you gave him a number up to 1 Million he could turn it into a cartoon character, he even did it with letters too. Stu is an expert in both art and story telling . I whispered to my self "man he is an artist" - he even told us his secrets one of them was 'Practise makes perfect- some times'. Everybody agreed that he was pretty amazing!

Then Stu said to us "now I'm going to tell you a story -a story that will come to life" and so we did a brainstorm together, we helped him to create some of the characters and he borrowed the names of a couple of our teachers. This made the story more special and real to us. Then he turned on some music and drew his setting (the background). It looked authentic and realistic.
The very next thing he did was he started telling the made up story. It impressed us because he just did it 'off the cuff'. It was about a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood Tuala  ( one of  the borrowed names), that did not listen to an old man who said "DO NOT go to that Castle because there is a wicked old witch called Witch T,  she has lived there for 7 years"  So, then Little Red got locked up in the tallest tower for seven years. At last a prince came from the land of UM - with his horse called fluffy, to save his Princess.
And of course at the end everyone lived happily ever after.

We're hoping that Stu will come back to visit again soon and tell us more of his great stories!

By Jordan 


April said...

Hey! Jordan
That is a cool story about Stu Duvall
I like all the intersesing words and he was pretty amazing.
Hope to see more work,Keep it up

Gabrielle said...

Hey ! Jordan

That s a really great story you done and
your right Stu Duvall is an expert in story telling and in
art keep all the great work up.

Etta said...


Thats great work you did i like your piece of writing those are some great pictures i like all the interesting word s that you wrote in your storie about Stu Duvall.
Hope to see more work of yours on the blog good jop i really liked it especioly your writting NICE!


Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Hi Jordan,
That must have been really exciting! I remember Stu Duvall coming to Pt England School when I was at school there! I thought he was fun to watch then too!
From Mrs Hamilton.

Etta said...

Hey Jordan that is a very cool story that you wrote about Stu Duvall he a quite a superstar at drawing i think he should be a great and famous artist.


Mauina said...

HI Jordan STU DUVALL is the best storyteller EVER he should comeback one day and do the same thing over and over again!!!

Mauina said...

HI Jordan STU DUVALL is the best storyteller EVER he should comeback one day and do the same thing over and over again!!!

Tevita said...

Hi Jordan

That was a cool time having fun with Stu Duvall.And when it has not happen even no It has not happend.

Keep up the good work.

Tracey said...

Hey! Jordan

That was a great story you have written.That right Stu Duvall is an expert i wish i was an expert .Keep up all the great work .

Anthony said...

Hi, my name is Anthony and I am a student of the University of South Alabama where I am studying to become an elementary teacher. I just wanted to say that this is so impressive. I wish I had the creative talents that Mr. Stu Duvall shared with y'all. Thanks for sharing his visit, it has my brain reeling for possible guest speakers for my future classroom here in Alabama!