Monday, September 14, 2009

Girls Rugby Semi final!

On Friday the 12th of September our girls rugby team including myself had a very tough game. We challenged a school which had really good rugby players, their school was called Koru Primary. We had the game at our school which was alright but I was really hoping it would be at their school.

We all had to warm up for the game which started at 1pm so we practised some of the drills we learnt with the boys.

It was nearly time to start we all got ready to start thinking of a cheer, our captain Rachael had to leave so it was up to us! A girl next to me said "we are going to loose" I said "think positive".

The whistle went time to kick off, our kicker was Michelle she is really good at it she did a drop kick "BOOM!" the ball went we were chasing after the ball. A person from Koru caught the ball Helen from Room 18 caught that person and tackled her trying to get the ball. Rachael caught the ball but unfortunately she got tackled she then passed it on to Helen, then she made a run for it .

After a few passes it was nearly half time Rachael almost got to the try line then she got tackled again, finally it was half time.

I went to Full Back after half time so I quickly ran to where I was meant to stand. It was time to start again, the ball went we all tried to get the ball. Bobbi-Grace made a run for it then she passed it to Helen who passed it on to someone else - we all most got that try but we got tackled.

It was nearly time to stop we were all trying so hard to get a try but Koru School scored the last try and then time was up and sadly we lost the semi finals.

We all said we worked hard but unfortunately we lost. However everyone of us said "we could give it a go again next year".

By Latu


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Well done Latu,
I know you were all very disappointed however it was a good game against a very tough opposition. I'm glad you all had such a great attitude at the end of the game and have set your sights on achieving your goal next year.

Mrs Nua

Mrs L said...

Hi Latu

Thanks for posting a blog about the girls rugby semi-final game. I was sad that I couldn't be there to cheer you guys on, but I was thinking of you all on the day. Reading your blog gave me a pretty good idea of what happened. I liked your positive atttitude, you think like a champion. Its not always about winning. As long as you all played your best, had fun and represented our school well. I'm really proud of you and the team. Good luck with your studies.

Mrs Lagitupu

Melville Intermediate said...

Latu - I really like this recount, I know that Point England School has a proud tradition at playing Girls Rugby, and at my old school, Tamaki Intermediate, it was really important to find the wonderful Girls who had played at your school for our team. As for your report I know that losing is really hard but I also think that it is a really important part of a game, sometimes losing can be a lot harder than winning a game! As for the recount, its a great piece of writing. I know this because although I wasn't there I was able to believe I was there by reading the words that you have written. Loved your style of writing and the way that you wrote was vivid, exciting and had a lot of 'nice' extra's that you had added in!
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Melissa Russell's EDM310 Blog said...

Hi Latu. Congratulations on making it to the semi-finals. You must be on a great team. You have such a positive attitude! I don't know alot about rugby but you described it very well. You are all winners!! Good luck next year.

ngaina said...

That was a tough game for the Pt England rugby girl also for the other school well done to them but less pt england gave it a go its all about giving it ago and winning and try to be the champions but most of all giving it a go !!!! yes and I will be watching the next game well done keep up the good work Latu anyway great post by the way

from ngaina
room 17

Vaha said...

Hi there Latu,

From what I i've been reading that sound's like a pretty tough game.However it was a good game and you did try your best to win and having good attitude through out the game.


Mauina said...

HEY Latu it was a really hard game for you guys but anyways you guys gave it your best and you guys know that CHAMPIONS never give up but next time you will give it all your best because you have the right of being in a team when you want too....


Caroline Shedd said...

Hey Latu! I am a student from the University of South Alabama in the US! I really enjoyed your recap of the semi-finals in girls rugby! It was really interesting to me because we don't really have rugby in the states and it really intrigued me. I'm very sorry y'all lost but your attitude was very positive and I liked that!! A positive attitude can go a long way! Good luck with your rugby team in the future and remember to set goals and always go after them!


Vaine said...

hi LATU well done.that must of been a taugh game but less pt england gave it all they got.Koru school was sure hard to beat but chapions never give up

Vaine rm17

Sharon said...

Hi Latu great story about your rugby game.When you said that you's were going to get a try I was hoping that you's would, But you girls didn't.When you played against another school give it your best shot,Champions never give up.Koru school sure was a hard school to compete against.We all were hoping that you's would win to go to the semi finals with the boys.Well next time you's will win.