Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hi there my name is Feki. I play rugby for the Teachers Eastern Football Club. My rugby team have played all season. We have won lots of games and lost only 4. We are way better than last year because we lost all of our games. So it was a HUGE improvement.
Last week we had our club Prizegiving. As I walked into our clubrooms I saw Lelia 'Flash' Masaga and the New Zealand Sevens Captain DJ Forbes. When I first got there they had already called me for my trophies so I was too late. But my trophies were for 'Player of the Season and 'Player of the Year!' I got my trophies and guess what?! Our Sports Manager Kirt said that I could have my photo taken with Flash Masaga and DJ Forbes with my trophies. I said 'Yee-ah!'
After our club prize giving our coach Mr Palmer went up and received a 'Not Arguing Award' which was for my team mate Hinckley. Mr Palmer told our club 'You know why you don't want to argue with this big boy!'

When he finished talking Mr Palmer came in with lots of KFC chicken and Clinton brought over
chinese food. My whole Rugby Team had a fantastic kai and we all went home feeling extremely happy. Especially me with both of my trophies.

by Feki


Manaiakalani said...

Congratulations Feki - what an amazing season of rugby you have had. It must feel so good to know you have improved so much and it is made extra special by winning those flash trophies. Sounds like you had a pretty good feed at the end too :)
I did enjoy the way you presented your report too.
Well done.
Mrs Burt

NZWaikato said...

Feki - that's a really great written recount. What I like about your post, and I think its really important is that you say last year you didn't win a game and this year you've only lost four - there would be plenty of people who might give up after losing a lot of games last year! Also good to see that a player from the Chiefs presented you with your awards, much better than someone from the Blues.
Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

Casey said...

Cool Feki! Good being the player of the year.Sorry I wasent there to congratulat any way good job