Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

In extension Mrs Burt showed us a website called "Wordle". Wordle is a website that can show you bunch of different words from the text that you have written on your blog posts. It also can give you an idea of what visitors see when they visit your blog.The words you have used the most are the biggest.

By Latu.


Maree/Room17 said...

wow Latu that is cool to see what words we use most ofen.

Manaiakalani said...

It is a fun way to check out your writing. It is not only for using with your blog. You can also paste a whole story you have written into Wordle to see the range of words you have been using.
I notice that Room 17's blog posts use 'got' a lot. So did lots of the other blogs we checked out through Wordle. I wonder if you can come up with some other words you could use instead of 'got'?
Mrs Burt

April said...

Hey Latu.
That sounds very cool and I noticed a lot of names like Jonty , Jordan and little Red Riding Hood and Stu Duvall.
And more other things.
Hope to see more.

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Very cool Latu - you'll have to teach the rest of us how it works exactly, as it sounds like you are a real expert!

It looks like it could be another tool to add to our 'writing kete' to help us improve the quality of our writing for our audience.

Mrs Nua

Etta said...

Wow Latu that was a very good idea for you to but My Blog Wordle,that was great because to see what words we use more often the word that we used more often was Player.


Tevita Rm17 said...

WOW! Latu it good to see you using intresting words on your post.I did in joy it.

Well Done

Helen Tui said...

Malo lelei Latu
Your wordle is wicked and groovy.Wasn't that a cool website. I go on there heaps of times and have a challenge with my brother to see who can design the best wordle.Hopefully you've been checking on wordle to see which words you've used heaps.Keep it up.
Helen Tui

Mauina said...

HEY Latu your wordle looks so cool you have alot of ideas about the words that we have been using in our writing that is really cool!!!!